Wednesday, May 24th - Help make 1000 calls for TRUST act and support SB982

Help make 1000 calls for TRUST act

The Trump administration's aggressive anti-immigration policy has caused a great deal of fear in the immigrant communities as regressive deportation policies threaten families. While Democrats are not in power on the federal level, they are at the Illinois state level, and so we can leverage the power of the state to protect our neighbors. From Campaign for a Welcoming Illinois:

The Illinois TRUST Act:

  • Bars local law enforcement from engaging in immigration enforcement

  • Sets guidelines for how local law enforcement should assist immigrant survivors of crime who report crimes and seek legal protection

  • Prohibits local participation in a Muslim registry, or any federal registry based on country of origin or religion

  • Bars federal immigration agents from making arrests in schools, health facilities and courthouses if they do not have court warrants

The goal is to make 1000 calls to our state representatives and Governor Rauner. Seems like we can help with that! Everything has been provided to make life easy and you can record that you made one of the 1000 calls, so follow the link below and let's make some calls!

Call to Action for Illinois State Rep André Thapedi's constituents

We are very close to the vote on SB982 in the Illinois state house of representatives. SB982 is the bill that requires a candidate to release 5 years of tax returns to be on the Illinois ballot for POTUS or VPOTUS.  Through your calls we were able to pass this through the senate.  We are still have a 11 unconfirmed democrats.  One of those is in the Chicago Area.  Rep André Thapedi represents the 8th district. Despite multiple calls from our state legislative team he has not taken a position on this important bill.  If you are his constituent please call to let him know you expect him to co-sponsor this bill. Find your Illinois State Rep.

Representative André Thapedi (D)
32nd District

Springfield Office:(217) 782-1702

District Office: (773) 581-9250

Jason Rieger