Monday, May 22nd - Comment on Healthcare and Phone Bank for Rob Quist

Send your comments on Healthcare

This is a fun one. Topher Spiro got ahold of a private letter sent out to Republicans requesting comments on healthcare to be sent to the email address below. If they want comments, we should certainly help them out. The deadline is May 23rd. 

send emails to

Send your thoughts on healthcare and the attempted "reforms" of ACA. Here's what I'm sending:

Dear Sirs - 

While I appreciate that ACA may not be perfect on all accounts, I'm not quite sure that replacing ACA with a plan that denies healthcare to 24 million people is going to make it much better. The goal is to make healthcare more affordable for more people, thus improving the overall health of our country. The goal of AHCA seems to be to give tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans, an odd goal for a healthcare bill.

And while I *could* be wrong and tax breaks for millionaires *may* improve health for the sick and elderly who are going to see their premiums skyrocket, I'll admit my limited vision can't see it. Let's either leave ACA in place or work on some real fixes that help all Americans, not just to wealthiest.

That you for your consideration and I look forward to all comments being made public.


Jason Rieger

Indivisible Chicago

Phone Bank for Rob Quist

Rob Quist is a progressive musician and activist running for the loan House seat in Montana. He has been endorsed by Bernie Sanders and represents an important seat to turn if we want to retake the House. 

Given that, Indivisible is partnering with the Progression Turnout Project and has set up a few phone banking sessions to turn out votes for Rob Quist. This is an especially good opportunity to call because:

  • The election is on May 25th!

  • The phone bank is to Democrats asking them to vote. No cold calling angry Republicans!

  • Many of them have mail in ballots. In many cases the ballot will be on their kitchen table and they just need to fill it out.

  • The Montana special election is highly competitive and hasn't attracted that much outside spending, so your touch really makes a difference.

Please bring a cell phone, a laptop (or iPad) and chargers for both. We will be calling from digital lists on the computer. If you don’t have a laptop, come anyway and we’ll share! Can't make it the entire time? That's OK, stop in and make as many calls as you can. We've already had some great phone banking going on down on the South side:

So let's keep it going!

Phone Banking Andersonville (Monday's event)

5301 N Clark Street, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL

Monday May 22nd
6pm - 9pm

Contact Jamie if you have questions:
(773) 208 - 5533

Check the Facebook event for up to date info

Phone banking Northwest side (Wednesday's event)

Location: 4756 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL 60630

Time: Wednesday, May 24th 6:30 PM - 9pm

Contact Steve if you have questions:

Check the Facebook event for up to date info

More phone banking sessions should be added soon, but if you would like to make calls from home using the resources made available by the Progressive Turnout Project, please send me an email at

The March for Truth is soon approaching, and we still need all of Indivisible's help. Here are some of the things you can do. Head to the March for Truth website for more info.


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Tomorrow we March on McDonalds! Meet in Daley Plaza. Look for the Indivisible Banner and we will march in unity first to Trump Tower and then on to McDonalds!

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Jason Rieger