Tuesday, May 2nd - Emergency phone bank to save ACA

Emergency phone bank to save ACA

The vote to repeal ACA could happen as early as Wednesday, and the margin for votes is razor thin. They have to get this bill through in May to utilize the reconciliation process, to the pressure will be huge on the vulnerable Republicans to just go along with the vote and pass the bill. 

Given that, we are having an emergency phone banking hosted by Indivisible 123GO tonight! (ignore the link URL, we repurposed this event)

Tuesday May 2nd, 4p,-8pm (come for whatever part of it you can)

Bethany Union Church

1750 W 103rd St. (plenty of parking)

 Bring your phone and charger.

For those of you that can't make it, we are going to try to provide scripts and materials so you can call from home. Stay turned to our Facebook page (like it if you haven't yet) for more details.


Citizen Action did a big phone bank project in January to call IL-6 voters to ask them to contact Roskam re. the ACA. 2000 people agreed to be patched through to leave a message for Roskam. We are going to reach out to them again to put pressure on Roskam.

When you call, you will be calling democrats who will be sympathetic to the cause. We are calling to ask them to call their Representative and we will patch them through to make the call, or have them call in the morning. It is an effective way for those of us in a blue district to members of Congress in a red district. If you are feeling frustrated by a lack of influence, this is your chance to make a difference.

Jason Rieger