Friday, May 19th - Witness slips for SB982 and support the March for Truth

Fill out a witness slip in support of SB982

SB982, the Illinois Senate version of the Tax Return bill (which amends the election code to require that POTUS and VPOTUS candidates submit 5 years of full tax returns publicly to be on the ballot in Illinois) has been scheduled for a committee hearing on May 24th, 2017 at 10:30am. We need everyone who is part of this group to fill out a "witness slip" in support of this legislation. It really takes approximately 1 min or less to fill one out. If you believe that candidates for president should have to go through a more rigorous financial screening than someone applying for a home loan, fill out a witness slip right now. Indivisible has been pushing for this legislation for many months, and we are getting close to the point where the bill will end up on Rauner's desk.

In the line marked "Firm/Business" type in "self"

In the line marked "title" type in "self"

In the line marked "Persons, groups, firms...type in "Indivisible"

Select yourself as a "proponent"

check the box for "record of appearance only".

It is incredibly easy and will make a world of difference as we get this bill moved out of committee and on to the floor. Again, here's the link to the witness slip.


The March for Truth is soon approaching, and we still need all of Indivisible's help. Here are some of the things you can do. Head to the March for Truth website for more info.


We need volunteers in all aspects of the March, from setup, to marshaling, to just spreading the word. 

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Spread the Word!

Also, we need all our members to help spread the word! Head over to Facebook and let us know you're going and then share the event to all your friends. The more people we have, the bigger impact our march will have.

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An event like this is very expensive, requiring everything from port-a-potties to police to insurance. We are asking for our members to make a donation to help Indivisible, an all volunteer group, fund this march. Literally, without exaggeration, if everyone on this list gave $5 we would have this march funded. Every penny will go towards expenses.

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Jason Rieger