Wednesday, May 17th - The Trump Administration is going down

Tell our Senators to withdraw consent and filibuster

We're not giving up on this...

This is big. This is real. If you joined Indivisible to make a difference, now is the time. Senate and House Republicans are starting to realize they can't ignore this and we have to push hard now.

What is going to be known throughout history as the "Comey Memo" has just come out. Comey has Trump on record asking Comey to stop investigating Michael Flynn. This is clear obstruction of justice and there is zero question that there should be an independent investigation into this conduct. Honestly, the next step is to call for impeachment given this behavior. The House Oversight Committee has requested the Comey memos and no further legislation should be conducted until this is settled. If Trump asked Comey to stop investigating, it is almost certainly for a reason, and the only way to find that reason is to investigate.

That bring me back to this from yesterday's Daily Action:

There's a BIG next step our Senators can take. There's a concept of withholding consent (primer on withholding consent), a Senate procedure which takes only one Senator (all Senators must agree to give consent in order for it to be granted). Why not have Senator Durbin, who has been amazing in fighting for a Russian investigation, be the Senator to take the first step? We just need to ask him to do so.

From the Indivisible document on withholding consent:

How the Senate really works: unanimous consent. The rules of the Senate ensure that individual senators have immense power to interrupt the regular course of business. For example, Senators have the power to speak their minds on the floor, raise points of order and other motions, call for votes and quorum calls, and offer amendments, among other things.

Because of this wide leeway given to individual senators, the only way the majority can ensure the Senate’s day-to-day business runs smoothly is by asking for the “unanimous consent” (UC) of all senators to operate. Under normal circumstances, the Majority and Minority Leaders of the Senate negotiate “unanimous consent agreements” that set the schedule for and structure of debate on the Senate floor and waive pesky procedural hurdles. These UC agreements basically just mean “We’re all going to agree to shut up so we can get stuff done today.”

Then there's the filibuster. We need to ask both our Senators to lead the way and agree to filibuster any legislation that comes their way until a special prosecutor is appointed. It's playing real hardball and it's time for Democrats to do so.

This is a real influence we can have on a Democratic Senator, but only if we call and call. 

Action: Call Senators Durbin and Duckworth and tell them to withhold consent and filibuster all legislation until am independent investigator is put in place and we figure out why Trump attempted obstruction of justice.

Senator Durbin

DC: 202-224-2152

Chicago: 312-353-4952

Script for Durbin: Hi, my name is ____________ and I am a constituent of Senator Durbin. I'm calling to thank the Senator for his strong stance on demanding an independent investigator. But now we have evidence that Trump has attempted to obstruct justice. I'm asking the Senator to take the next step and both withhold consent and filibuster all legislation that comes through until an independent special prosecutor is put in place to investigate Trump's involvement with Russia and attempted coverup. We need Senator Durbin to use every means possible to force this to happen.

Senator Duckworth

DC: 202-224-2854

Chicago: 312-886-3506

Script for Duckworth: Hi, my name is ____________ and I am a constituent of Senator Duckworth. I'm calling to ask the Senator to both withhold consent and filibuster all legislation that comes through until an independent special prosecutor is put in place to investigate Trump's involvement with Russia. We have evidence that Trump has attempted to obstruct justice and we need Senator Duckworth to use every means possible to find out why..

Again, this is no joke. This is a constitutional crisis. We have to call and we have to call all week. It only takes one Senator to withhold consent and Senator Durbin or Duckworth can lead this effort.

Join the ACLU for a talk on how to talk to elected officials

The ACLU of Illinois invites you to join them for a briefing on their policing and criminal justice work. They will also be training attendees on how to talk to elected officials about these very important issues. To sign up, click here.


  • Khadine Bennett – Advocacy and Intergovernmental Affairs Director, ACLU of Illinois
  • Karen Sheley – Police Practices Project Director, ACLU of Illinois

Event Location:

ACLU of Illinois
180  North Michigan
Chicago, IL 60606

Event Details: 
Saturday, May 20th 
10:00-11:30 am 
12:00 – 1:30 pm

RSVP by signing up here. If you have questions, please reach out to Chris Romer at 312.201.9740 ext. 322 or

Join Indivisible at the Fight for 15 March on McDonalds

States like Illinois and Massachusetts are the latest to push for $15 an hour minimums – and even the US Senate and House introduced a new $15 per hour bill just yesterday!

McDonald’s stands against us ALL. Time to fight back.

FIGHT BACK: Join Indivisible and the #FightFor15 for the March on McDonald’s in Chicago on May 23.

May 23 is the day before McDonald’s annual shareholder meeting – their most important business meeting of the year. The people, the key people, will be in that room, who can decide to do the right thing and agree to the $15 and union rights McDonald’s employees need.

They need to hear from us. They will hear from us.

Take the #FightFor15 to McDonald’s doorstep – join the march in Chicago on May 23.


Jason Rieger