Friday, May 12th - Join the March for Truth

Commit to Joining the March for Truth

With the firing of James Comey, we are seeing a frightening consolidation of power and the elimination of all that oppose Donald Trump. We we've heard reports that Trump asked Comey to be loyal to him, as opposed to loyal to the Trump. Comey declined, and now here we are: Comey fired and Trump using his authority to scuttle investigation into his collusion with Russia.

This is a scary and dangerous abuse of power and we absolutely cannot allow this to be anything less than a huge deal. Our members of Congress have been fighting hard against this, especially Senator Durbin who joined Democrats in stalling procedures over the Comey firing. Call Senator Durbin and thank him for his effort (312-353-4952).

What we can do is make our voices heard. We will fight back and not let this become part of the new normal. A leader that removes those that oppose him is nothing more than a petty dictator. 

Head over to Facebook and let us know that you're going and invite a friend to go as well. We need numbers so we can't be ignored.

Submit your Lie of the Day

The lies, they just keep coming! Indivisible Chicago has a contest going over on twitter to submit your Lie of the Day. Submit you Lie of the Day using the hashtag #LieOfTheDay and we will pick a winner each day.



Jason Rieger