Thursday, May 11th - Fundraiser for a fair budget and Protest for fair healthcare


Come to a Fundraising House Party to Support the March to Springfield

Sunday, May 14, from 6pm to 9 pm at 2500 N Harding (exact address will be given out day of)

The  March to Springfield for a People and Planet First Budget starts on May 15, led by the Fair Economy Illinois coalition.  The march hopes to influence Illinois legislators to pass a fair budgetand stop the catastrophe that is damaging our state, our schools, our social service providers, and all of us, now and for decades to come.  

Indivisible Humboldt-Logan is hosting a house party to raise funds for the march.  There'll be drinks!  appetizers!  fun!  

Our goal is to raise $1,000 for the march -- and contributions will be matched up to $6,000!

Come join us and bring your friends and your children.  You can also bring items needed by the marchers.

Please RSVP ASAP.  If you cannot come but would like to donate, do so here (and kindly let us know so we can count it toward our goal).  You can also find the Facebook event here.

Hope to see you on Sunday, May 14.  Yes, we know this is on Mother's Day--but given its origins as a day of working for peace and societal betterment, we hope you see this as a worthwhile way to honor your mother.

Hands Off Our Healthcare- Illinois Save ACA

We aren't letting up on this. Head to Trump Tower, Wacker and Wabash, and join Congresswoman Schakowsky in letting Roskam and all the Republican Congressmen know that we will not back down. We need to continue the blowback on voting yes for AHCA. We need to keep it in the news. All the die-ins and protests are essential to putting pressure on the Senate to not pass an onerous bill.

Another fun thing? Challengers to Peter Roskam will be at this event. These are the people you've donated to when you gave to swing left.

May 11 at 4:45pm

Wacker and Wabash (Trump Tower)

Details here on Facebook

Jason Rieger