Monday, May 1st - Symposium on electing women and minorities; Continuing with the climate

Symposium on Electing Women and Minority Candidates

Indivisible is lending support to a symposium that's being organized by one of our very own Indivisible members as part of Chicago Community Trust's On The Table event on May 16th. It's on the question of how to elect more women & people of color in IL and tickets are going fast!

You'll want to attend this event if: 

• you're fired up and don't know where to direct your energy
• you're taking action - marching, calling - but you want your actions to have MORE impact
• you want to be part of something bigger than yourself
• you want connection and support from 1000's of people right here in Chicago who share your thoughts, ideas, passions & beliefs
• you want to get connected in a meaningful way to people and organizations making REAL change
• you want to BE the force for change that your community, your state and even your country needs now! 

Get your ticket by May 5th and use the code INDIVISIBLE, and you'll not only secure your seat to what's shaping up to be one of the most interesting and well-attended events of the spring, but you'll also save $5!

Indivisible will also be hosting a volunteer sign-up table that night. So once you buy your ticket, let us know if you'd like to help out with that. You can check out the Facebook event here.

Buy tickets directly at

Protect Renewable Energy

On the heals of the Climate March, it seems the perfect time to push forward on the energy from. Last year, Illinois passed one of the most progressive bills in the country on renewable energy use, the Future Energy Jobs Bill, a giant bill that:

  • dramatically increasing energy efficiency throughout the grid, 
  • raising renewable energy standards to build enough wind and solar to power 1 million homes,  
  • setting aside $25 million to improve the homes of low-income owners, and
  • creating the Illinois Solar for All program, which rededicates an existing $185 million from the Renewable Energy Resources Fund (RERF) to creating community solar programs in low-income communities, as well as creating clean energy jobs programs. 

It's the last bullet that is now in jeopardy: that $185 million could be swept from its account to meet general budget obligations to cover costs while we wait (for another two years?) for a budget. 

Call your legislators and ask that they protect the RERF funds from being swept by supporting HR234 or SR353. We desperately need clean energy and good jobs!

Script: Hi, name is _______________ and I'm a constituent of Representative/Senator __________. I'm calling because the Renewable Energy Resources Fund is being put in jeopardy to meet general budget obligations. I can't afford to keep pushing off energy reforms and continuing to put our environment at risk. I'd like to ask __________ to support renewable energy and ask them to speak out against cuts to the RERF.

(Daily Action by Melanie Hoekstra)

The fight for ACA continues, and so we continue to put pressure on Roskam. That being said, I don't have a whole lot new to say on the matter, so I'll point you back to Thursday and Friday's actions from last week. Still relevant!

Jason Rieger