Friday April 7th - Approaching Syria with compassion

Today was a tough one. It started with Mitch McConnell invoking the nuclear option in the Senate, killing the filibuster, and ended with 50 Tomahawk missiles fired at Syria. 

The Syria issue is tremendously complicated and difficult. It's easy to talk about Trump's hypocrisy given his tweets from 2013 telling then President Obama to stay out of Syria. Or we can be concerned about the 24 hour turn around in opinion and what seemed like a sudden bombing without explanation. Or we can be purely partisan and just not like it because Trump is Trump and we don't like him. 

But then there's the picture of the father holding his deceased 9 month old twins, suddenly partisan politics are pretty far from one's mind. And honestly, it's hard to know how to feel about this or what would be an appropriate action to take regarding this issue. One thing we do know is that, in the end, everything comes down to compassion. When you're unsure what direction to take, turn to compassion.

One thing that's certain is the refugee crisis will only get worse. If you want to make a difference during this difficult time, consider donating to one or more of these organizations.

Refugee One

World Relief Chicago

Loom Chicago

Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

HIAS Chicago

And finally, here at Indivisible, we specialize in calling our Members of Congress and this is the time to pick up the phone. The attempted muslim ban is still causing travel issues and refugees are still being vilified rather than welcomed. It's time to call and let your members of Congress know they need to resume calling for the welcoming of refugees. Once thing that's clear: it's disgusting to oppose Assad and his horrific actions while at the same fight to keep Syrian refugees out.

Action: Call your Members of Congress and ask them to resume calling for the welcoming of refugees and remind them we're a country of immigrants.

Script: Hi, my name is ___________ and I'm a constituent of Congressman/woman ___________. I'm calling to ask him/her to remember that refugees are still being kept out of American and call for the welcoming of Syrian refugees in America. As the Assad regime brutalizes their people, we need to be the country to welcome his victims to a better life.

If you'd like to protest the bombing, there is a protest tonight from 5-7pm at the Trump hotel. Here is a link to the Facebook event. This is not a protest that Indivisible is partnering with, but I'd imagine there were will be plenty of members of Indivisible there.

Food for the lawyers fighting at OHare

The Trump travel ban is still causing major problems for people trying to come to - or return to - the US. Lawyers, translators, and others are working at O'Hare to help them and they often put in long days, from 6am to 12pm.

We may not be lawyers and translators, but there is something we can do to help. Sign up to help feed these resistors fighting against Trump. Sign up here to get detailed instructions as to what you can do to make a real, practical difference.

(thanks for Joanne Schlichter for letting me know about this)


Jason Rieger