Thursday, April 27th - 48 hours to defend ACA

48 hours to defend ACA

Alright, nobody thought it would come back this quickly, but ACA repeal is back and so we've got to fight it again. The vote could come up as early as Friday, giving us 48 hours to push back against this. The scary thing is it seems that the bill has become awful enough that the Freedom Caucus is on board, so that leaves it to the moderate Republicans to grow and maintain a spine. This concerns me. So the goal is to spend the next 48 hours convincing the moderate Republican wing the it would be very bad for them to vote for this bill.

What can we do? Well, here's the options:

For those in Roskam's district

He's the closest thing to a moderate Republican we have here in Illinois. Call him and ask him to vote against this bill. Here's a suggested script:

Hi, my name is __________ and I'm a constituent of Congressman Roskam and a registered voter. I'm calling to ask him to vote against the latest attempt at repealing the Affordable Care Act. I'm troubled that the latest bill would allow states to end protection for people with pre-existing conditions. And frankly, I'm disgusted that members of Congress have chosen to exempt themselves from the restrictions of this bill. If Congressman Roskam votes to support this bill, he will not have my vote and I will do everything in my power to make sure he loses re-election.

DC: 202-225-4561

West Chicago: 630-232-0006

For those of us that are not in his district

Tweet at Congressman Roskam:


Share this image and let him know that there are 710,000 constituents in his district that don't appreciate having worse coverage than the man that is supposed to represent them. Or let him know your ACA story. Or just ask him to be a human. Go crazy, it's social media.

For the Chicago representatives

And finally, for the members of Congress that we expect to oppose this bill (that is, anyone in Chicago), we need them to speak out against this bill. 

Call your Representative and let them know that we won't stand for an revival of Trumpcare.

Script: Hi, my name is _____________ and I'm a constituent of Representative/Senator _____________. I'm calling to ask him/her to speak out against any revival of ACA repeal and fight against the new amendment to AHCA that would force tens of thousands of your constituents to pay higher premiums.

Senator Durbin - 312-353-4952
Senator Duckworth - 312-886-3506

And you can find your representative's number here

Take a look at Tuesday's daily action for more details

Jason Rieger