Tuesday, April 25th - Keep Zombie Trumpcare in the grave

Say no to Zombie Trumpcare

Trumpcare will not die.

The president is demanding that something, anything legislative get done during his first 100 days, so he's trying to revive the disastrous Trumpcare bill, much to the chagrin of just about everyone. If he doesn't get this done, he fails to clear the money for tax reform (tax reform that can be done with a simple majority, anyway) and then he's starting to run out of accomplishments.

The problem is, they've managed to make Trumpcare 2.0 even worse than the original. In order to appeal to the more conservative members, they've removed coverage for the essential health benefits (maternity care, prescription drugs, substance abuse, etc) and moved it to the states and they will allow insurers to charge more (drastically more, in some cases) for pre-existing conditions by utilizing high risk pools. In the end, what matters most, is 24 million people will still lose insurance in this deal and premiums would still increase for the most vulnerable.

This deal is a non-starter and we should make sure our members of Congress know. Call your Representative and let them know that we won't stand for an revival of Trumpcare.

Script: Hi, my name is _____________ and I'm a constituent of Representative _____________. I'm calling to ask him/her to speak out against any revival of ACA repeal and fight against Congress wasting any more time on this.

Phone banking to support HB40

Tonight, our very own Indivisible 123GO is hosting a phone banking session for HB40 in cooperation with www.passhb40.com from 4pm-8pm in Beverly. You definitely do not have to be there for the whole time, so whatever time you can make it is still very valuable. If you can't make it today please check out the link above for other times and locations.

Jason Rieger