Friday, April 21st - Upcoming events

The congressional work week is ending, and so we'll get back to regular calls to our Senators and Representatives on Monday. There's going to be plenty to call about with Trumpcare 2.0 almost certainly coming out. Until then, here are a few events to put on your radar.

Coming together against hate, fear mongering and bigotry, Committeeman Robert Murphy and NW Side residents will stand up for our American values by protesting radio talk show host Joe Walsh.   We will join together and stand up for our American values.  On Friday, April 21st, at 6:30PM the local branch of the Republican Party is hosting a fundraiser at 6122 N Milwaukee Ave, and they have decided to celebrate Walsh, best known for not paying child support and being temporarily thrown off the airwaves for uttering a string of racist epitaphs.  This Tea Party hardliner has a litany of outrages, including “rewriting” Martin Luther King’s seminal I Have Dream speech, closing it instead with “I have a dream that one day black America will cease their dependency on the government plantation…and instead depend on themselves.”

Some other choice quotes by this NW Side GOP club “star”:

  • President Obama was elected "because he pushed that magical button: a black man who was articulate, liberal, the whole white guilt, all of that.”

  • “Hey black America: quit complaining about slavery & inequality.”On women’s rights, he is well outside the mainstream, not even supporting abortion rights when the woman’s life is at risk: “There’s no such exception as life of the mother, and as far as health of the mother, same thing.”

  • On Tammy Duckworth’s military service and the injuries she suffered Walsh claimed: “My God, that’s all she talks about.”

  • Tried to get off of paying his child support (he was nearly $120,000 behind) after his defeat to Duckworth by claiming he had become unemployed “through no voluntary fault of his own.”

Join he 39th Ward Democratic Organization, Committeeman Robert Murphy and affiliated organizations to protest ol' Joe Racism tonight, Friday, April 21st, at 6:30PM at 6122 N Milwaukee Ave. Facebook event is here.

Indivisible Chicago and all the affiliated neighborhood groups will be meeting on the SE corner of Michigan and Jackson to march together. Look for the Indivisible signs. But whether you march with us, or march with friends, just come down and support science. Who ever thought we'd need a march for science? In a world where the president used to fire celebrities for money, anything is possible. Check out the Facebook event here and share it around.

Fun fact: Since the 70's more than 2000 people in IL - MOST in Chicago - have been convicted of public corruption

How can Chicago be broke? The city's budget is around $20 billion. Yet, if we recover the money stolen from us, uncover the money hidden from is and discover the money we leave on the table every year, we could potentially have $5 billion in new savings and revenues at our disposal to fund the city we love. Tom Tresser, author and editor of Chicago is Not Broke, puts the lie to the claim that our city is broke and offers a cogent, solution-focused analysis of Chicago's financial state and suggests a new progressive agenda for how we can fund the city we deserve. Hear the man, buy the book, and join Indivisible Chicago and Printers Row to find out how you can help!

Check out the Facebook invite here. You can meet the author and discuss what's going on in Chicago and why a city with so much money can't seem to fund itself.

Jason Rieger