Wednesday, April 12th - Chicago is not Broke and Fighting for our privacy here in Illinois

Chicago is not broke

How can Chicago be broke? The city's budget is around $20 billion. Yet, if we recover the money stolen from us, uncover the money hidden from is and discover the money we leave on the table every year, we could potentially have $5 billion in new savings and revenues at our disposal to fund the city we love. Tom Tresser, author and editor of Chicago is Not Broke, puts the lie to the claim that our city is broke and offers a cogent, solution-focused analysis of Chicago's financial state and suggests a new progressive agenda for how we can fund the city we deserve. Hear the man, buy the book, and join Indivisible Chicago and Printers Row to find out how you can help!

Protecting our privacy in Illinois

As we all know, the President signed into law a bill rolling back Obama-era privacy protections and allowing our online information to be sold to the highest bidder. That's done and the only way we can reverse that is to get back in control of Washington. However, there are things we can do at the state level. SB1502 and HB2774 are the Illinois Senate and House bills introduce the Right to Know act. These bills allow the people of Illinois to find out what companies have sold their information, where they've sold it to, as well as what information they have collected. Adding this transparency to the process will make it a lot harder for companies to sell your data and set a precedent for other states to do the same. HB2274 is a very popular bill, so let's focus on SB1502.

SB1502, is now up to 4 co-sponsors. Let's help give this bill a bump and see if we can get it a up to an even dozen co-sponsors. That's more than doable through the strength of Indivisible Chicago and is something that should be important to us all.  Let's try two things. Let's call (script below) and then also let's go to your state Senator's website and send a message asking them to co-sponsor. You will need to google your state Senator to figure out their webpage as there's no easy to access list of all of them.

 Find out who your state members of the legislature are here.

Action: Check the link above for your State Senator and call them if they aren't co-sponsoring The Right to Know Act

Script: Hi, my name is __________ and I'm a constituent of State Senator ____________. I'm calling because I'd like Senator _________ to sign on as a co-sponsor of SB1502, the Right to Know act. This is an incredibly important bill now that Washington has made it legal for companies to sell my information to the highest bidder.

Jason Rieger