Thursday, March 9th - Delay Deputy Attorney General Nomination; Still calling on ACA

Delay Deputy Attorney General nomination without a special prosecutor

Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the investigation into Russia's involvement with the Trump administration.  Because of that, the lead investigator is now the Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente, an Obama holdover. 

President Trump has nominated a very qualified man, Rod Rosenstein, to the position of Deputy Attorney General. Rosenstein has served under presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Certainly no one would question his nomination under normal circumstances, but nothing has been normal regarding this presidency. The fact is, no Trump appointee should be leading the investigation into Trump's corruption, regardless of his qualification.

During his hearing on Tuesday, Rosenstein would not commit to appointing a special prosecutor and so he should not get a vote. The Trump administration can not investigate itself; this is too serious an issue.

Call Senators Durbin and Duckworth and tell them to delay the vote until a special prosecutor is appointed.

Script: Hello, my name is ___________ and I'm a constituent of Senator ___________. I'm calling to ask the Senator to use every available tool to block the nomination of the Deputy Attorney General until a Special Prosecutor is appointed to investigate Russia's involvement with the Trump administration.

Senator Durbin - 312-353-4952

Senator Duckworth - 312-886-3506

The ACA repeal effort needs transparency

This is carried over from yesterday as it's the issue of the week. If you haven't called yet, please call and ask that your representative not vote without a Congressional Budget office score. Take to social media and tweet about why ACA matters to you with the hashtag #NoScoreNoVote.

House Republicans are rushing to approve the bill without releasing a formal cost estimate from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which analyzes how much federal legislation will cost or save American taxpayers—known as a “score.”  In 2009, Paul Ryan asked for a CBO score for the Affordable Care Act, which was the correct thing to do. We demand the same. 

Call your Representative and ask them to not vote on the repeal and replacement bill without a full review and CBO score.

Script: Hello, my name is ___________ and I'm a constituent of Congressman/Congresswoman ________. I'm calling to ask that the Congressman/woman commit to not taking action on any ACA repeal and replace bill without a full review including a CBO score.

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Jason Rieger