Wednesday, March 8th - A ban is still a ban and healthcare demands transparency!

No Muslim ban in our country

The President has introduced a new Executive Order banning immigration from 6 Muslim countries (Iraq is now excluded from the ban).  He has backed off some of the more controversial measures. From the Washington Post:

The new order provides other exceptions not contained explicitly in previous versions: for travelers from those countries who are legal permanent residents of the United States, dual nationals who use a passport from another country, and those who have been granted asylum or refu­gee status. It removes an exception to the refu­gee ban for members of religious minority groups — which critics had pointed to as evidence the first ban was meant to discriminate against Muslims — and it no longer imposes an indefinite prohibition on travelers from Syria.

It's not clear if this order will hold up as constitutional. The president definitely has broad powers when it comes to immigration. But whether or not it's constitutional, we know it is un-American and immoral. We are a nation of immigrants and we would do well to remember that. Call Senators Durbin and Duckworth and let them know that you find the ban unacceptable and un-American and thank them for continuing to speak out against this.

Senator Durbin - 312-353-4952

Senator Duckworth - 312-886-3506

The ACA repeal effort needs transparency

(From the Indivisible Team)

House Republicans are planning to ram through an Obamacare/ACA repeal bill that will jeopardize health care coverage for 32 million Americans.  They are rushing to approve the bill without releasing a formal cost estimate from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which analyzes how much federal legislation will cost or save American taxpayers—known as a “score.” Americans deserve an open and honest debate about a bill that will affect 32 million people.

In 2009, Paul Ryan asked for a CBO score for the Affordable Care Act, which was the correct thing to do. We demand the same. 

Call your Representative and demand a full, transparent review of the House bill and ask them to not vote without a full review and CBO score.

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