Tuesday Mar 7th, 2017 - Last Day to demand Tom Price doesn’t gut the Affordable Care Act; Call for Taxes

Tuesday Mar 7th, 2017 - Last Day to demand Tom Price doesn’t gut the Affordable Care Act!

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There is a regulation change on the books that will weaken the Affordable Care Act and pave the road for repeal. There is an open comment period for this regulation and we'd like everyone to leave a comment saying how ACA has helped you, helped a loved one, or how it helps your fellow Americans.

The comment period ends at 4 PM CST

Write your story and leave your comments here. Tell Tom Price we can't go back to higher cost for lower benefits!

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Call to get SB982 out of Subcommittee

BACKGROUND: Each individual state controls the rules and process for candidates placing their names on the ballot for POTUS and VPOTUS. SB 982 and HB 780 are Illinois Legislative bills that require POTUS and VPOTUS candidates to show 5 years of tax returns to be on the ballot in the State of Illinois.  They are currently working through the legislative process.  The legislative process includes 1) passing a subcommittee, 2) the full committee, 3) a floor vote, and 4) going through the other chamber. Indivisible has been actively working to get support from various members of the leadership including Senate Majority Leader Cullerton and House Majority Whip Lang.

ACTION: On the March 1st, SB 982 was assigned to the Subcommittee on Election Law.  To get out of the Subcommittee and on to the Executive committee it needs two of three votes.  The three Subcommittee members are Don Harmon (the Democratic Chairman of the Executive Committee), Terry Link (D), and Dave Syverson (R).   The subcommittee can vote on SB982 as early as Wednesday March 8th.

Without those votes, the bill could fail.  We need your help now!

On Monday we asked constituents of these 3 senators to contact them.  Today we are asking everyone in Illinois to contact the members of the subcommittee to ask them to move the bill forward so our senators can vote on the bill. Please call each member of the Senate Subcommittee on Election Law (numbers below), identify yourself as a member of Indivisible in Illinois and either a constituent (if you are one) or an Illinois resident, and urge them to vote yes to move the bill out of the Sub-Committee and back into the Executive Committee so our voice can be heard on this issue.  Additionally, urge them to sign on as co-sponsors of the bill as it is a common sense piece of legislation and a return to normal election practices. 

Senator Don Harmon – District 39

Springfield – 217-782-8176

Oak Park – 708-848-2002

Senator Terry Link – District 30

Springfield – 217-782-8181

Gurnee – 847-623-3006

Senator Dave Syverson – District 35

Springfield – 217-782-5413

Rockford – 815-987-7555

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