Monday, March 6th - Demand ACA Transparency and Tax Returns

The ACA repeal effort needs transparency

(From the Indivisible Team)

House Republicans are planning to ram through an Obamacare/ACA repeal bill that will jeopardize health care coverage for 32 million Americans. They refuse to share a draft of the bill or any of its details for the public or even other Members of Congress (MoCs) to review. They are also rushing to approve the bill without releasing a formal cost estimate from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which analyzes how much federal legislation will cost or save American taxpayers—known as a “score.” Americans deserve an open and honest debate about a bill that will affect 32 million people.

Call your Representative and demand a full, transparent review of the House bill.

More Info here including sample scripts

Ask your State Representative to co-sponsor HB780

Indivisible Chicago is making a big push to get a bill passed that would require anyone running for President or Vice-President to release 5 years of tax returns to get on the Illinois ballot. The house bill, HB 780, could use more co-sponsors.  Currently, the sponsors are Jaime Andrade (primary), Silvana Tabares, Thaddeus Jones, and Frances Ann Hurley. There's no reason this bill shouldn't have bi-partisan support, so call your State Representative and ask him or her to sign on as a co-sponsor. They don't get very many calls, so your single call can have a huge impact.

Find your state representative here


Jason Rieger