Saturday, March 4th - ACA needs your comments; Witness slips for the LGBTQ community

Comment on proposed ACA Changes

There is a regulation change on the books that will weaken ACA and pave the road for repeal. There is an open comment period for this regulation and we'd like everyone to leave a comment saying how ACA has helped you, helped a loved one, or how it helps your fellow Americans.

Leave your ACA story in the comments and tell them we can't go back to higher cost for lower benefits.

Witness slips to protect the gay and LGBT community

Illinois State Senator Daniel Biss has introduced SB1761, a bill that will make it so a victim's sexual orientation or gender can't be a reason to lessen a charge of murder.  In other words, finding out that's someone is gay or transgender can't be a reason to kill someone. This bill needs witness slips and you can fill out a witness slip here. If you haven't yet, make an account and these witness slips will take seconds.

When filling out the witness slip, for "persons, groups firms represented" write "self", you want to indicate you are a Proponent of this bill, and then check off "Rrcord of appearance only". And just like that you're done! 

(thanks to Robin of Witness Slip project)

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Jason Rieger