Wednesday, March 29th - Duckworth on Gorusch? Vote no on the HONEST Act

Join us April 1st for People's Filibuster

Indivisible will be joining with the People's Defense to oppose the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Indivisible will be speaking at this event about why Gorsuch is an unacceptable choice and the work we've done to oppose him. Come out to have your voice heard!

April 1st, 9:30 am

Dirken Courthouse, 219 S. Dearborn

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Please join thousands of other Americans to protest and rally against the extreme agenda of President Donald Trump, including his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court. The People’s Filibuster will take place in cities across the US and feature everyday Americans speaking on why they object to the extreme agenda of the President and how the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court would advance that agenda for decades to come.

Call Senator Duckworth about Neil Gorsuch

Yesterday we had a real win and it's important to take the time to point it out. At the beginning of this week, Senator Durbin had no position on the nomination of Neil Gorsuch. The word we got was that he was making sure to overturn every stone and wasn't ready to declare a yes or no vote. So, yesterday, we upped the calling pressure. And later that morning, he finally came out as a NO on Gorsuch and a NO on voting for cloture.

After a week of having no response to this issue, Senator Durbin responded with the exact response we had been calling for. There's little doubt in my mind he was in no hurry to make a decision until he realized that his constituents felt very strongly about this issue. This is a huge win! Senator Durbin is a very influential Democrat and has been at the center of the nomination process. To have him committed in a clear, equivocating statement, is huge.

Your calls matter.  Give Senator Durbin a call and thank him for his decision to vote no and urge him to pressure his fell Senators to filibuster.

Senator Durbin - 312-353-4952

Senator Duckworth, however, has not released any statement of any kind. So let's give her a call today, all day, and make sure she comes down on the right side of this. Currently the Democrats have 28 Senators committed to a filibuster. That's not going to cut it. I'm bringing back the script from yesterday with Senator Duckworth. We simply ask if she has made a decision on Gorsuch and, if she hasn't, we tell her why she should vote no. The President is under investigation for collusion with Russia. It is not okay that he be allowed to make a lifetime appointment.

Sample Conversation: Hello, my name is __________ and I'm a constituent of Senator Duckworth. Could you please let me know the Senator's position on the Gorsuch nomination?

<<assuming still no position>>

The Senator has no position on which way she will vote? Or which way she will vote on cloture? Okay, well I don't find that acceptable and I'd like to ask the Senator to vote no on both Gorsuch and ending the expected filibuster. Every Supreme Court nominee should be held to a 60 vote standard and, if they can't get 60 votes, then they need to nominate someone else. 

Additional point to make if you're feeling it: With the President under investigation for collusion with Russia, it would be wrong to allow him to make a lifetime appointment. Especially given the standard set with the Republican's treatment of Merrick Garland.

If you aren't comfortable with having a conversation, that's okay! Lots of us hate to talk on the phone. But please call and just get out the following statement and keep it simple. It all helps and keeps their phone lines busy!

Script: Hi, my name is __________ and I'm a constituent of Senator _________. I'm calling to ask the Senator to support a filibuster of Neil Gorsuch's appointment. Beyond that, I'm asking the Senator to vote no on cloture (klow-ture)and require Gorsuch to get 60 votes for a nomination. I'm asking the Senator to push hard for this and be a strong voice in opposition to the Gorsuch nomination.

Senator Durbin - 312-353-4952

Call to oppose the HONEST Act

The week The HONEST Act, a very misleading bill introduced by Republicans to curb research at the EPA, will come up for a vote. We want to make sure our representatives know to vote against this bill. This is the sort of bill that sounds good on the surface, but will act to reduce the EPA's effectiveness. Springfield Indivisible (of Springfield, MO) has already done the research on this bill and here's what they've said:

The HONEST Act is intentionally oblique legislation which requires that, when developing rules, the EPA only utilize scientific studies whose data, code, and other materials are all publicly available online. It also requires that all results be independently reproducible.

These requirements deviate from the established norms of the scientific community and are designed to cripple scientific research at the EPA. It allows industry lobbyists and EPA-opposed politicians to delay or block credible peer-reviewed studies. For example, the requirement that all scientific results be reproducible is often infeasible (such as when studying one-off events like the Deepwater Horizon disaster or Hurricane Katrina), or prohibitively expensive (such as decades-long public health studies involving thousands of participants). Similarly, the requirement that all data be publicly available can be prohibitive; redacting personally identifiable information from public health studies can require thousands of hours of labor, and other findings may depend on tightly guarded industry or trade secrets.

The HONEST Act is yet another example of this Congress putting well funded private interests ahead of the health of citizens and our country.

(Thanks, Springfield Indivisible)

Action: Call your Representative and tell them to vote NO on the HONEST Act.

Script: Hi, my name is __________ and I'm a constituent of Congressman/Congresswoman _________. I'm calling to ask the Congressman/Congresswoman to vote against HR1430, the HONEST Act. This bill is just another way to hobble the EPA and keep it from doing it's work to protect our environment. The EPA needs to be free to do scientific research.

Jason Rieger