Saturday, March 25th - Support Jon Ossoff in Georgia 6th; Witness slips for HB780


Support Jon Ossoff for Georgia 6th

Yesterday's victory was proof of how powerful this movement is. The number of calls that members of Congress were posting on twitter regarding vote counts was stunning. Consistently they would have dozens of calls for a No vote against AHCA, and a few dozen supporting.

In the end, according to political theorist Daniel Nichanian, of the 32 No votes coming from Republicans, only 15 were members of the freedom caucus. That means 17 Republicans didn't take the party line vote because they were listening to their constituents. That's powerful. That's our movement.

But Senator Durbin, during a town hall last night, had a much more sobering take. He said that people are watching to see if our movement will last, according to our members that listened in (click here to listen to town hall). He also said that we have to prove we can deliver voters and elections to earn his respect. 

I don't really intend to wait until 2018 to earn his respect, so let's take a look at the race happening right now down in the Georgia 6th. Jon Ossoff, according to a poll conducted for a Fox Affiliate, is leading Republican Karen Handel in the field for the April 18th election. He needs to be one of the top two vote getters to appear on the June 20th ballot. Now that Republicans have failed to deliver on their promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, there's a better chance than ever to take this seat. But we have to push hard for this. 

Paul Ryan knows what's at stake. He's thrown 2 million dollars into ads against Ossoff. Ossoff needs money to fight back and it would be great if we could all donate a little. Go to his website and send a little money his way and let's show this movement can deliver in elections as well. On his site there's also an opportunity to sign up for virtual phone banking. We are going to explore doing this as a team, but it's easy to do from home on your own as well.

Let's flip this seat and start to deliver votes.

Witness Slips for HB780

ACTION: Sign Witness Slip for HR780, a bill requiring 5 years of taxes to get on Illinois ballot

HB780, the Illinois House version of the Tax Return bill (calling for POTUS and VPOTUS candidates to show 5 years of full tax returns to be on the ballot in Illinois) has been scheduled for a committee hearing on March 30th, 2017 at 9am. We need everyone who is part of this group to fill out a "witness slip" in support of this legislation if you didn't yesterday. It really takes approximately 1 min or less to fill one out.

In the line marked "Firm/Business" type in "self" and in the line marked "title" type "self." In the line marked "Persons, groups, firms" type in Indivisible. Select yourself as a "proponent" and check the box for "record of appearance only".

It is incredibly easy and will make a world of difference as we get this bill moved out of committee and on to the floor. Don't wait. Click asap.

Also, there are several other witness slips to fill out at The Witness Slip Project. Go there and click through them. If you have created a login, you can complete them all in under 5 minutes.

Jason Rieger