Friday March 24th, 2017 - Rumor has it, today is the last chance Republicans have to repeal the ACA & The Revolution League Responds to Ballast's Statement

Rumor on The Hill is that Donald Trump has offered an ultimatum to the House: Pass the AHCA on Friday, or Obamacare stays in place.

This could either be a blessing or a curse, but it's at least partly in our hands. This means we have a few more hours to pressure Republicans not to pass the AHCA.

All of 'our' Reps are against the AHCA, but there are 7 Republicans in our state who could make or break this crucial vote.

We must take to twitter, facebook, anything at our disposal to pressure them.

Their contact information is below, and check the very bottom of this post for graphics to be shared on social media.

Peter Roskam - 6th
Twitter: @PeterRoskam
Facebook: @PeterRoskam / @RoskamforCongress

Mike Bost - 12th
Twitter: @RepBost
Facebook: @RepBost / @MikeBostforCongress

Rodney Davis - 13th
Twitter: @RodneyDavis
Facebook: @RepRodneyDavis / @ElectRodney

Randy Hultgren - 14th
Twitter: @RepHultgren
Facebook: @RepHultgren / @RandyHultgren

John Shimkus - 15th
Twitter: @RepShimkus
Facebook: @RepShimkus / @JohnShimkus

Staff Twitter: @JHaverly (He might respond to you and be very condescending as he has been to me. That is a good thing. Screen shot those tweets!)

Adam Kinzinger - 16th
Twitter: @RepKinzinger
Facebook: @RepKinzinger / @ElectAdam

Darin LaHood - 18th
Twitter: @RepLaHood
Facebook: @RepLaHood / @LahoodDarin

Witness Slip for HB780

HB780, the Illinois House version of the Tax Return bill (calling for POTUS and VPOTUS candidates to show 5 years of full tax returns to be on the ballot in Illinois) has been scheduled for a committee hearing on March 30th, 2017 at 9am. We need everyone who is part of this group to fill out a "witness slip" in support of this legislation. It really takes approximately 1 min or less to fill one out.

In the line marked "Firm/Business" type in "self" and in the line marked "title" type "self." In the line marked "Persons, groups, firms" type in Indivisible. Select yourself as a "proponent" and check the box for "record of appearance only".

It is incredibly easy and will make a world of difference as we get this bill moved out of committee and on to the floor. Don't wait. Click asap.


Ballast Point has responded to our boycott

They probably sent you a facebook message with a statement. And, at first glance that statement may seem reasonable. They "educate" lawmakers, they say. They donate $25,000 to Paul Ryan, so what? It's "education". They'd like you to believe there is no difference between donations to reelection campaigns and lobbying, no difference between education and corruption.

Read: Taking Down Goliath: #DONTDRINKBALLAST

For Pring (8.5" x 14" - Legal Size)

For Pring (8.5" x 14" - Legal Size)


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