Wednesday, March 22nd - No hearing for Gorsuch! Beering for all!

Put Neil Gorsuch's hearing on hold

Elizabeth Warren has now added her voice to Chuck Schumer and Tom Perez's, calling for a delay in the hearing of Neil Gursuch for the Supreme Court during such time as Trump's campaign is under investigation for collusion with Russia. This just makes a lot of sense. We shouldn't a) be letting a president who is facing such serious allegations make a lifetime appointment and b) be diverting resources to this confirmation hearing when such an important issue is out there.

Here's the thing. If we can get this issue pushed back to the April recess, his nomination is in trouble. Once Senator Durbin has to face a town hall with all of us demanding Gorsuch's hearing be delayed, or deal with demonstrations while he tries to attend a ribbon cutting, the less inclined he will be to vote yes. Right now we call and push for a delay, but the real power will be if this can drag on. The same goes for Duckworth, of course, although Durbin is in the real position of power on this.

Call Senators Durbin and Duckworth and tell them to delay hearings on Neil Gorsuch for as long as the Trump administration is under investigation for collusion with Russia.

Script: Hi, my name is _____________ and I'm a constituent of Senator __________. I'm calling to ask the Senator to delay the hearing for Neil Gorsuch until the investigation into the Trump administration for collusion with the Russians is concluded. A president under such serious allegations should not be able to make a lifetime appointment, especially given the standard the Republican congress set with the Merrick Garland hearings.

Senator Durbin - 312-353-4952
Senator Duckworth - 312-886-3506

I like beer. You like beer. Drink beer. (for charity)

Ballast Point Beer Drinking Gathering, Wed 3/22, 7 PM, Fatpour Tap Works, 2005 W. Division,, free.

Last week, we partnered with The Revolution League to begin a boycott of Ballast Point Beer. Ballast Point was recently purchased by Constellation BrandsConstellation Brands PAC has been a big donor to Paul Ryan, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and other Republicans. Actually, the invitation to the Team Ryan Fundraiser on the 23rd has their name listed at the top, with the title “Vice Chair”. So far, 11 bars have signed onto the boycott, including 9 bars in the Big Onion Tavern Group. For the reasoning behind this specific boycott, check out this Medium article. Indivisible has concluded our direct involvement with this boycott, but if you want to join The Revolution League in pursuing it to the end, sign up here.

We don't want to hurt the bars, of course, and making them pour their Ballast Point down the sink I'm pretty sure is a crime in most states. So, instead, we will help them drink it! Come out the FatPour Tapworks (2005 W. Division) from around 7pm until whenever you decide to head home and help drink up this Republican beer. And when you've finished all the Ballast Point, drunk dial Paul Ryan and tell him what you think of his health care bill. All proceeds from the sale of Ballast Point Beer will go to benefit Social Works, the charity started by Chance the Rapper.

Check out this very nice coverage in the Chicago Reader of both the boycott and the upcoming event and then come out an help us celebrate!

Ballast Point Beer Drinking Gathering, Wed 3/22, 7 PM, Fatpour Tap Works, 2005 W. Division,, free.

Jason Rieger