March 21st - Social Media Blitz on the Repeal of ACA & #DONTDRINKBALLAST follow up

Action (1/2)

Paul Ryan’s AHCA is a very popular piece of legislation...if you are polling insurance companies and wealthy conservatives!

To the rest of us- the wide majority of Americans- this bill is an abomination. We must take our outrage to those in IL who do support the AHCA and who hold the crucial votes to its passage or its damnation.

Social Media is our battle field. Memes are our sword. Information is our shield.

Read this article from the Washington Post, detailing the pitfalls and major shortcomings of the ACHA.

Use these memes to show your support for the ACA.


Here is the facebook and twitter information for IL’s Republican House Reps:

Peter Roskam - 6th
Twitter: @PeterRoskam
Facebook: @PeterRoskam / @RoskamforCongress

Mike Bost - 12th
Twitter: @RepBost
Facebook: @RepBost / @MikeBostforCongress

Rodney Davis - 13th
Twitter: @RodneyDavis
Facebook: @RepRodneyDavis / @ElectRodney

Randy Hultgren - 14th
Twitter: @RepHultgren
Facebook: @RepHultgren / @RandyHultgren

John Shimkus - 15th
Twitter: @RepShimkus
Facebook: @RepShimkus / @JohnShimkus

Staff Twitter: @JHaverly (He might respond to you and be very condescending as he has been to me. That is a good thing. Screen shot those tweets!)

Adam Kinzinger - 16th
Twitter: @RepKinzinger
Facebook: @RepKinzinger / @ElectAdam

Darin LaHood - 18th
Twitter: @RepLaHood
Facebook: @RepLaHood / @LahoodDarin



For the time being, Indivisible Chicago will no longer be posting daily actions related to the boycott of Ballast Point beer.

The Revolution League is grateful for the efforts of so many of you who helped us get our first victory.

If you are interested in continuing to support the boycott, please submit your email here, so you will continue to get boycott action alerts.

Thank you.

I hope you know, we have already convinced 11 bars and restaurants to stop carrying this Paul Ryan supporting beer.
Please join us on Wednesday to celebrate our first accomplishment in this boycott. All proceeds of Ballast Beer sales will go to benefit Social Works.

We Will Win.

NoDrumpf Chi