Friday, March 3rd - Call for Sessions's resignation and Investigate Tom Price

Call for Jeff Session's Resignation

Representatives QuigleySchakowsky, and Gutierrez have called for the resignation of Jeff Sessions in the light of his perjury. Let's call and thank them for their strong stances on this issue. However, Congressmen Danny Davis and Bobby Rush have not. That's not acceptable and, if you are a constituent of either Rush or Davis, give them a call and ask them to call for Sessions's resignation.

Senator Durbin has called for Sessions's resignation but Senator Duckworth hasn't yet, although she has spoken out against Sessions in general. Let's just make sure all our members of Congress are on the same page.

Call for an SEC Investigation into Tom Price

Last year, Tom Price purchased 400, 613 shares of Innate Immunotherapeutics, a company that was directly impacted by the health policy changes that Price was working on. He had insider knowledge of a stock that was being traded, a little thing we usually call insider trading. Somehow he's skated by on this. You can see details of this and other questionable investments at

The action here is to call Senator Durbin and Duckworth and ask them to call for an SEC investigation into Price's potentially illegal trading practices. He was confirmed but the issue of insider trading was made public during the confirmation process and it should be investigated.

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Jason Rieger