Thursday - Stop Chicago Bars from Selling Ballast Point and Supporting Paul Ryan!

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Indivisible Chicago and The Revolution League are working together to institute a city wide boycott of Ballast Point Beer. Read about it here

Action! (1/2)

Follow this link (scroll to the bottom) to send a message to The Big Onion Tavern Group, demanding that they stop selling Ballast Point immediately. It’s their choice, if they would like to keep serving Ballast Point and thus supporting Paul Ryan and the GOP, but they can expect a boycott and protest in front of their bars and restaurants.

Note: To send a message through their online form, your email and name are required.

We ask that you send the following message verbatim:

As a member of Indivisible Chicago, I am asking that you stop serving and selling Ballast Point beer in your bars and restaurants immediately.

Ballast Point is owned by a major corporation that is donating large sums of money to Paul Ryan, and the Republican Party.

By selling, serving, and buying Ballast Point you are supporting Paul Ryan and the Republican Party.

It is unacceptable that money from Chicago should end up in the hands of the Republican party.

If you do not stop serving and selling and buying Ballast Point Beer immediately, you should expect a series of protests in front of your establishments during their busiest hours.

Contact to sign your establishments on to the pledge to stop selling, serving and buying Ballast Point Beer and to avoid a protest and boycott. __________________________________________________________________________

Action! (2/2)

Pledge yourself to stop drinking and buying Ballast Point beer. The more names on this pledge the more power we yield. (The survey allows you to opt out of receiving emails, if you’d like)

Check back here tomorrow to see how this action progresses.

Strategy below:


Ballast Point was recently purchased by Constellation Brands. Constellation Brands PAC has been a big donor to Paul Ryan, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and other Republicans. Actually, the invitation to the Team Ryan Fundraiser on the 23rd, has their name listed at the top, with the title, “Vice Chair”.


To hurt a corporation, we need to attack their revenue. Like most beverage companies, Constellation Brands, makes most of their money from distribution to bars, restaurants, and liquor stores.

We must convince bars and restaurants and liquor stores in Chicago to stop serving, selling, and pouring (unless it is down the drain) Ballast Point beer.

Ultimately, it will be a business decision. If a particular bar does not agree to stop selling Ballast Point, we have the right to protest in front of their establishment (during their busiest hour) thus driving business away from them.

Where to begin?

The Big Onion Tavern Group owns nine bars and restaurants in Chicago, most of them in the Old Town, Near Northside area. At least four of their bars offer Ballast Point beer.

If the bars and restaurants under the Big Onion Tavern umbrella stopped carrying Ballast Point, that would be a sizable loss for Ballast Point and Constellation Brands, thus a loss for Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, and the GOP.

Extra credit reading:

Can this work?

Historically, many beer boycotts have been successful. For example, you still can’t find a Coors beer in a gay bar in America. That is after the Gay Liberation Movement and the Unions teamed up in 1977 to boycott Coors.

Why Ballast Point, when Constellation Brands owns so many beers?

Constellation Brands purchased Ballast Point at the end of 2015 for $1 billion, and since then has been trying to grow it from a brewery with medium sized distribution ($115 million sales 2015), to a nationally recognized brand (worth much more than the $1 billion they bought it for). Doing that costs a lot of money, but it could pay off in a few years when they hope their new brand will be popular. We wield much power by threatening to keep their brand from ever becoming popular.

This brand is young and it is already costing Constellation Brands a lot of money. Together, we can make it cost them even more! That’s less money Constellation Brands PAC has to donate to Paul Ryan and the Republicans!

What is next? When is the protest?

This depends on how The Big Onion Tavern Group responds.

Sign your email to the pledge to get updates on this action. And check back here tomorrow.


For print (8.5" x 14")

For print (8.5" x 14")

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