Friday, March 17th - Say not to Trump's Budget and Tell the bars directly to Boycott Ballast Beer

Say No to the appalling Trump Budget

The Trump Budget is out and it is the worst possible budget I could imagine. It includes 30% cuts to the EPA, 30% cuts to the State Department (diplomacy), 20% cut to Health and Human Services, and too many more to count. Plus, the complete elimination of PBS, the NEA, and crazy, wild programs like Meals on Wheels and school lunches. 

Call your Representative and let them know that this budget is would take the country in a very bad direction. We don't want a country where our environment and our most vulnerable are mortgaged to allow for tax cuts for the rich and bigger bombs. 

I'm not going to really suggest a script as there's so much here. I think it would be most impactful if everyone called and discussed their biggest issue. Take a look at the graphic in the article and call your Representative about what means the most to you.

Script outline: Hello, my name is ___________ and I'm a constituent of Congressman/woman _________.  As we all saw, the budget came out yesterday and it was pretty shocking. In particular, I finding the cuts to __________ to be truly appalling. [explain briefly why]

But just put it in your own words and look for a cut that has a person impact. Personal stories impact our representatives the most. Since our Representatives will all likely be agreeing with us, giving them personal angles to consider could be helpful to them as they argue this budget in the future.

If you don't have your Representative's number, you can find it here.

Call the bars directly and tell them No Ballast Beer

Our effort to break the pipeline of money from Chicago to Paul Ryan has gotten off to a strong start.

The internet and our members have reacted strongly in favor of the boycott, but The Big Onion Tavern Group has not yet reacted in any way to our efforts.

Before we protest in front of their bars and restaurants and show how serious we are about breaking the pipeline of money to Paul Ryan, it is only fair that we reach out to them in every way we can and tell them our intentions as directly as we can.

If they won’t respond to webmail ‘Contact us’ messages, then we’ll call their bars directly.

One of their bars opens at 11 AM tomorrow. We can call that bar and let the staff or management know that we plan to protest in front of their bar if they continue to maintain the pipeline of cash from Chicago to Paul Ryan. It’s their choice. And it isn’t a tough one. Fatpour Tap Works carries 113 varieties of beer. Two of those varieties are Ballast Point beers.


Call Fatpour Tap Works at this number

(773) 698-8940

Tell them:

How are you doing?

Yesterday, hundreds of people from Indivisible Chicago and other organizations reached out to your corporate office to ask that you stop carrying Ballast Point Beers immediately. We're concerned about the money that flows from your bar to Paul Ryan because Ballast Point has been a big donor to Paul Ryan. The corporate office didn't respond to us, so we're asking that you tell corporate they can continue to serve and sell Ballast Point, but they will see us protest during your busiest hours.

If you'd like to add:

We do not want to cause harm to your employees or business, we just want to stop money flowing from Chicago to Paul Ryan because Paul Ryan is causing much more harm then we ever could.

If they are interested, please give them this address to contact:

We Will Win.

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