Tuesday, March 14th - Trumps Taxes and More Witness Slips

Witness Slips for SB982

SB892, the Illinois senate bill to force Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates to release 5 years of taxes returns if they want to appear on the Illinois ballot, continues to make the slow march from Bill to Law. We are pretty confident that it will make it out of the Elections Sub-committee, and that's in large part due to the flood of calls they received from Indivisible. One of the aides we were calling actually answered the phone with a big sigh he was getting so many calls.  They're not used to that on the state level.

Today we are going to continue to use our influence and fill Witness Slips for this bill. If you make an account, it takes about 4 seconds to fill out a witness slip. This serves as a popularity contest for the bill, showing how many people like it versus dis-like it. So far the bill have a half dozen witness slips, but we can do better. Let's show the power of Indivisible and take that number into the 100s. Heck, I know there are a couple thousand people getting this action, so why not try to top a thousand proponent slips? Again, it takes less that 5 seconds once you are logged on. Do it.

You want to fill out your information, indicate "self" as who you are representing, indicate you are a Proponent, and check Record of Appearance only

Go here to fill out a Witness Slip for SB892 (once again, click Proponent). Make an account on the website as there are going to be lots more witness slips to fill out today.

More witness slips

All of the witness slips below were pulled from The Witness Slip Project. Go there for even more and check back ever week for new bills. It you make an account, which is very easy, it takes less than 5 seconds to fill out a witness slip and you can do several in under a minute as the people at the Witness Slip Project did the hard work for you. 

PROPONENT: SB1933: Amends the Election Code. Provides that the State Board of Elections and the Office of the Secretary of State shall establish an automatic voter registration program pursuant to an interagency contract and jointly-adopted rules. Provides that an application for a driver's license, other than a temporary visitor's driver's license or a State identification card, shall also serve as an application to register to vote; allow an update to registration; and perform other specified functions. Requires specified agencies to provide certain information regarding registration. Establishes designated automatic voter registration agencies; and requires the establishment of dual-purpose applications to register to vote. Sets forth provisions and requirements for the State Board of Elections regarding the program. Amends the Freedom of Information Act to exempt certain information. Amends the Illinois Vehicle Code to make conforming changes. Effective immediately. Click here to fill out witness slip.

PROPONENT: Lethal Violence Order of Protection bill (HB2354) is up again TODAY at 3:30pm. Similar to a domestic violence restraining order, this bill allows family members or police to petition the courts to remove firearms for a limited amount of time. This one is close, with 1756 for and 1541 against and the right will likely come back strong as this is a gun-related bill. Click here to fill out witness slip.

PROPONENT: HB2771: Creates the Healthy Workplace Act and amends the State Finance Act. Requires employers to provide specified paid sick days to employees. Sets forth the purposes for and manner in which the sick days may be used. Contains provisions regarding employer responsibilities, unlawful employer practices, and other matters. Provides that the Department of Labor shall administer the Act. Authorizes the imposition of civil penalties. Authorizes individuals to file civil actions with respect to violations. Creates the Healthy Workplace Fund as a special fund in the State treasury. Effective immediately. Click here to fill out witness slip.

PROPONENT: Please support SB65 by filling out this witness slip before today's Judicial Committee hearing. Lenders are trying to grab an additional piece of the "closing pie" by having Buyers use a different title company than the Sellers. This is causing closing delays and extra costs to both parties to the benefit of Lenders. SB65 is IL's effort to curtail this trend. Click here to fill out witness slip.

Go to The Witness Slip Project to fill out many more witness slips.



Jason Rieger