Wednesday, February 8th - Witness Slip Day

Today we are looking at using the state legislature to protect against decisions being made in Washington.  I've highlighted a couple state issues posting in the Facebook group that people might have missed.  Filling out Witness Slips is very easy and a great action you can take.  First, register yourself within the system.  Then, just fill out Witness slips Opposing or Supporting legislation. You can fill out these forms in seconds as it will auto-populate your information. You can really just power through then. Republicans are much better about doing this, so we need to start making our voices heard as well at the state level.

No national actions today.  We will get back to the endless catastrophes out of Washington tomorrow. 

Fill out Witness Slip to designate Illinois Safe Zones

This is scheduled for hearing at 3pm Today, so fill out the witness slip ASAP!

(From ICIRR with slight modifications)

Take Action Today for Immigrant Rights! 

PASO - West Suburban Action Project is leading efforts on state legislation that would designate Illinois schools, universities, hospitals, and places of worship as “immigration safe zones.” It would prohibit Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) from entering these places without a valid, legal, warrant. For more info on the bill, click here:

The bill is scheduled for hearing THIS WEDNESDAY in the Illinois House’s Human Services Committee. 

Here are two ways you can support these efforts today:
1. FILL out a WITNESS SLIP in support of the Immigration Safe Zones Act (HB0426) before tomorrow's 3pm hearing: You can fill this in as an individual or in representation of an organization. Please make sure to mark “Proponent’ and “Record of Appearance.

2. CALL the chair/vice-chair of the Human Services Committee, or if your representative is on the committee, to express support of the Immigration Safe Zones Act (HB0426). Phone numbers and sample script can be found below.  If you are calling your representative, let them know you are a constituent.
Sample Script:
“Hi my name is ________. I am calling to express my support for the Immigration Safe Zones Act (HB0426), which is scheduled for a hearing this Wednesday. At a time when immigrant communities are under unprecedented attack, legislation that would designate schools, hospitals, and places of worship is absolutely crucial. Please ask Representative _______ to stand with immigrant communities in Illinois and support this important legislation.

Chairperson Robyn Gabel (18th District, D) 
(217) 782-8052
Vice-Chairperson Litesa E. Wallace (67th District, D) 
(217) 782-3167
Patricia R. Bellock (47th District, R)
(630) 852-8633
Jaime M. Andrade Jr. (40th District, D)
(217) 782-8117
Kelly M. Cassidy (14th District, D) 
(217) 782-8088
Tom Demmer (90th District, R) 
(217) 782-0535
Laura Fine (17th District, D)
(217) 782-4194
Mary E. Flowers (31st District, D) 
(217) 782-4207
Norine K. Hammond (93rd District, R) 
(217) 782-0416
Sheri Jesiel (61st District, R)
(217) 782-8151
Nick Sauer (51st District, R)
(217) 782-3696
Cynthia Soto (4th District, D) 
(217) 782-0150

(thanks to Demars Taylor for sharing)

Fight back against Betsy DeVos; Oppose school vouchers

So Betsy DeVos is in. Now is the time to start fighting vouchers in our state. On Thursday, February 9, at 10:30am, there is a hearing on HB213, "The School Choice Act" and HB443 "SCH CD-TUITION VOUCHERS" Use the instructions below to fill out a witness slip and have your voice heard in Springfield.

Basically, we are looking at two school voucher bills in the IL House of Representatives.

Information on the bills are linked below.

Here's what you need to do to fill out a Witness Slip to OPPOSE this bill. Again, this is quick. Please fill out & share this post!

1) Click on the notepad icon to the right of the bill name (in column "Witness Slips")
2) Fill out: name, address, city, state, zip.
3) For Firm/Business, you can put "none" or "self."
4) For Title, you can put "self."
5) Fill out email and phone.
6) For Representation, you can put "self."
7) Under Position select "OPPONENT".
8) Under Testimony check "Record of Appearance."
9) Fill out the CAPTCHA.
10) Check to agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement.

Do this for both bills HB213 and HB443.

(thanks to Gretchen Brown)

Oppose various bills against reproductive rights

(From the Women's March group)

Here are FOUR more witness slips for anti-choice bills (so this time OPPOSE).

Barbara Wheeler is sponsoring two bills (282, 283) for Illinois that diminish women's right to choose.

HB 282: Amends the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975. HB 282 (OPPOSE):…

HB 283: Requires a physician to offer an ultrasound to any woman seeking an abortion after 8 weeks of gestation. There is no need to shame a woman who already is making a hard decision. HB 283 (OPPOSE):…

HB 532: anti-choice and would amend the Illinois Anatomical Gift Act by expanding the definition of “decedent” to include a “deceased fetus or unborn child.” The bill would prohibit the donation or sale of aborted fetuses and fetal tissue. HB 532 (OPPOSE):…

HB 467: anti-choice and would establish and provide for the licensure of pregnancy termination specialty centers. The bill would require a pregnancy termination specialty center to be licensed to operate in the state. The bill goes on to describe a number of requirements the facilities would be expected to comply with. HB 467 (OPPOSE):…

CONTACT YOUR REPS and let them know you OPPOSE HB 282, 283, 532, 467.


If you click the magnifying glass next to the bills, you can track the proponent/opponent totals:


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Jason Rieger