Tuesday, February 7th - Call to support EPA, end trigger law in Illinois

S2HR861 - Eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency

Republicans are pushing forward their fantasy of a fully de-regulated America.  One where he can all have lead in our water and coal dust in our air, and that's a-OK. The EPA is already under fire and we need to act to support them.  Call and ask your Congressperson to not just vote against this bill, but to speak out against it. 

If you don't have your Congressperson's number you can find it here.

Sign witness slip for HB 40 to end trigger law

HB40 is a bill in the Illinois legislature to end a trigger law that was put in place in the 1970s. The trigger law states that if Roe vs. Wade is ever ended, all abortions will be illegal in Illinois. HB40 will reverse this law. Further, HB 40 would remove discriminatory provisions that deny insurance coverage of abortion to many women who depend on Medicaid and State Employee Insurance.

On Wednesday, February 8, HB 40 will be heard in the House Human Services committee. You can complete a form to enter as a witness and show your support for reproductive rights in Illinois. This is particularly crucial as our Republican Governor might feel the need to take a conservative stance. We need to show that there is a STRONG showing for reproductive rights so that he doesn't consider vetoing the bill if/when it is passed by the House and Senate. 


The House Committee on Human Services will meet at 3:00 on February 8. Show the committee that this bill has strong support! To fill one out, click the link below. Fill out the form entirely. For Firm/Business, you can put "none" or "self." For Persons/Firms Represented, you can put "self." Select Proponent and check "Record of Appearance." It is that simple. 


Step 1: The bill will go before the Human Services Committee Wednesday, February 8. Feigenholtz's office said they are very confident it will pass this committee.

Step 2: The bill will go for a vote before the full House of State Representatives (not Federal). Feigenholtz's office expects some resistance here. Contact your state representatives, which you can find here: 

http://www.elections.il.gov/DistrictLocator/DistrictOfficialSearchByAddress.aspx (click on the 'Mobile' option, even if you are on a laptop)

Ask them to support HB 40 or thank them for their support.

Step 3: The bill will go to the governor. IMPORTANT: Feigenholtz's office said that, while Rauner has been pro-choice in the past, he is under real pressure now to move to a more conservative stance. We will call on this once it advances to Rauner to ask him to not veto.

Thanks to Alexandra Mandl for sending this in its entirety.

Jason Rieger