Friday, February 3rd - Co-sponsor legislation against Bannon

The president is busy embarrassing the country, but that's just become par for the course.  I don't think there's much action to take regarding his feud with The Terminator or the Australian Prime Minister (or the Mexican president or...lord, I don't even know anymore).   A much bigger concern is the apparent lack of care taken with a raid in Yemen that cost a navy seal his life, but the story is still muddled on that issue and I don't want to jump on innuendo.  Hopefully the truth on that shakes out over the weekend.

We still want to push #NoJusticNoBills and we need co-sponsors on legislation to stop Steve Bannon.

Legislation Opposing Appointment of Steve Bannon

Representative Stephanie Murphy out of Florida has submitted a bill to ensure that anyone "who's primary responsibility is political in nature" cannot be assigned to the council.  This bill needs co-Sponsors.  Jan Schakowsky has co-sponsored it, but I'm not aware of any other Representatives in Chicago that have. Call your Representative and ask them to co-sponsor this bill. We need to keep this sort of pressure on them. 

No Justice No Bills

The national Indivisible Group is leading an effort to grind Congress to a halt unless the ban on immigrants from Muslim countries is lifted.  They've created a script for us to use that tells our Senators to withhold consent and filibuster any bills unless they involve lifting the ban.  This is extreme but this is what we have to do.  Read the script and make a call to your Senator.  We know that Senators Durbin and Duckworth have come out hard against this, but they haven't committed to stopping legislation.

This is the answer to how Senators that already agree with us can fight even harder for us.  There's more they can do than complain. 

After you've called, tweet at them with the hashtag #NoJusticeNoBills.

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Keep an eye on your email this weekend, that's when all the crazy has gone down.  Until then, 



Jason Rieger