Wednesday, March 1st - Immigration protection and a welcome for Ryan

Call in Support of HR1236: The PROTECT Immigration Act

Earlier this week, Congressman Mike Quigley introduced the PROTECT Immigration Act to discontinue the federal program that authorizes state and local law enforcement to investigate, apprehend, and detain aliens (note: that is the exact wording of the bill). This is an important piece of legislation in that our communities can't trust law enforcement if they are doubling as immigration officers. This bill is co-sponsored by Jan Schakowsky and Luis Gutierrez. If you are a constituent of Mike Quigley's, give him a call and let him know you support his efforts.  If your representative has not stepped up to co-sponsor this important bill, call and ask that they do so.

While we're at it, call Senator Duckworth and ask her to co-sponsor the equivalent bill in the Senate put forth by Cory Booker and co-sponsored by Dick Durbin. Call and ask Senator Duckworth to co-sponsor The PROTECT Immigration Act in the Senate.

Hey There Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan is coming to Chicago and holding a $1000 - $50000 a plate dinner with the Illinois Republicans and whichever donors are happy to pay. Sounds fun. I want to go too, but it's a bit pricey, so let's organize outside instead.  Join us on March 23rd when we say to Paul Ryan, putting Party over Country is unacceptable.  Be a patriot and demand an investigation into Russia's involvement in Trump's administration.

Invite a Friend

Here's something you can do that's really easy. If you have a friend that seems stressed by our current president, forward this email and suggest they sign up and join the group. They can sign up for emails and daily actions, and follow us on Twitter at @IndivisibleChi.  Just doing something and making some calls really helps to relieve the stress that having Trump in office has caused. So spread the love.

Jason Rieger