Wednesday, February 22nd - There's no hate, no fear here

No hate, no fear - Support our sanctuary cities

Yesterday the Department of Homeland Security released detailed memos that will give federal authorities increased power to detain and arrest undocumented immigrants. The memos call for enlisting local law enforcement to help detain and remove undocumented individuals.  According to a Feb. 21st article on, the federal government can enter agreements with state and local governments that empower their police forces to serve as immigration officers. The new Homeland Security memos call for ICE to “engage immediately with all willing and qualified law enforcement jurisdictions that meet all program requirements for the purpose of entering into” such agreements.

But Cook Country says no. Since 2011 when the Cook County Board of Commissioners signed an ordinance mandating that people held on misdemeanors and felonies who are suspected of being in the country illegally be freed regardless of federal requests that they be detained. Yesterday the Cook County Sheriff’s office released a statement saying they had “no interest” in any efforts to use local law enforcement to enforce Trump’s policies.

Not all counties feel the same, according to this Washington Post article, so let’s support those who do as the pressure will only likely increase. Call or email Sheriff Tom Dart’s office to let him know that you agree

phone: (312) 603-6444


Let your voice be heard! Congressional Recess Day of Action

If you haven’t already, make a plan to join the Statewide Day of Action and visit your Congressman on Thursday, Feb. 23. Indivisible Chicago, along with Indivisible groups across Illinois, will be holding rallies at every congressional district in Illinois. Check here to find the place and time to rally you representative.


Hannah Hayes