Tuesday 2/21/17 - Governor Rauner!

Tuesday Feb 21, 2017 - Defend the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)!
contributed by @TheRevLeague


Target: Governor Bruce Rauner

Four Republican Governors have come out against the repeal of the ACA, and Governor Rauner should be the 5th. Illinois has a lot to lose since our state expanded Medicaid under the ACA and receives millions of dollars in funding from the Federal government.

Social Media

Write a facebook post/tweet @/make an instagram post directed at Governor Rauner in favor of the ACA, especially its popular consumer protections, such as the ban on lifetime caps.

Always use #ILsaveACA
Include the images below in your posts

Phone Call

Call Governor Rauner’s offices to demand he makes a statement in support of the ACA and against repeal.

What is a lifetime/yearly cap?

It is a cap on the amount of money your insurer is liable to pay for your health care. Most people will not exhaust their caps in a year, but if you are diagnosed with a condition that is expensive to treat, such as cancer, you actually may exhaust your lifetime or yearly cap quite quickly and then be left completely uninsured. This can be deadly.

Images to include in your posts!
(Images by Abbey Hambright)

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