Thursday, February 16th - Non-Profits in Politics? Rahm & the Feds, and Roskam's Mistake

Nonprofits Should Not Endorse Politicians

Nonprofits currently stay out of politics--they can say things about particular issues, but are not allowed to campaign for or against any particular politician. HR172, HR781 and S264 threaten to change that. The unintended consequences of this bill threaten the very existence of nonprofits, says Forefront, an IL nonprofit membership org: 

Currently, charitable giving to charitable nonprofits holds particular tax advantages for donors; the potential use of said giving towards political activities undermines the altruistic nature of the gifts and threatens the overall charitable nature of the donation and thus the deduction. Right now, there is no current analysis on how much charitable giving could fall off due to this change.

Call your representative and senator (you have their number in your phone already, right?!) and tell them to keep charities out of politics!  

Keeping the Sanctuary City Promise

Our mayor, Rahm Emanuel, has been talking to newly minted Attorney General Jeff Sessions about sending federal law enforcement into Chicago--despite his initial promise to keep Chicago a sanctuary city. This is a clear problem: federal agents will undermine the safety and promote the deportation of undocumented people in Chicago--the vast majority of whom contribute to our neighborhoods and economy. Moreover, according to experts, using "broken window" and quota-based policing, CPD risks turning minor crimes into deportation sentences. Tell Rahm to stop harassing people for minor crimes to keep his promise that Chicago is a sanctuary city! 

Email Rahm directly at and tell him: Keep the Sanctuary City Promise!

Rep. Roskam Chickens Out on Trump's Taxes

Rep. Pete Roskam (IL-6) voted against asking Trump for his tax returns. I'll not waste your time or my (virtual) breath on how utterly ridiculous this is. Let Roskam know this is unacceptable--especially if you live in his district! 

Call Rep. Roskam and remind him he works for YOU: (202) 225-4561 or (630) 232-0006. If you don't live in his district, point out that he's not far from you and you'd be happy to send money to and spend time volunteering for anyone opposing him in 2018.  

Melanie Hoekstra