Friday, February 17th - No Investigation, No Legislation and Let's hear Bobby Rush

No Investigation, No Legislation

Here's the thing.  We know that Michael Flynn made a call to Russia to strongly insinuate that once Trump took office, he would lift sanctions put on Russia after their cyber attacks.  It's - let's say questionable - to suggest that the current president had no knowledge of this.  Plus, during the campaign, Paul Manafort was in contact with Russia.  Trump claims that he has no dealings with Russia, but he has given no proof of that as he hasn't released his taxes.  Basically, it's a mess.

So hey, maybe Trump is 100% innocent.  There's just no way to know without an investigation.  Since Republicans have made it clear that they'll put party before country, it's up to the democrats to push for an investigation.  We are asking our Senators to withhold consent and filibuster any legislation until a real, independent investigation takes place. Here's a primer on both withholding consent and filibustering.

While you're at it, call your representative and ask him or her to call for an investigation into this administrations' Russian involvement.


Bobby Rush Town Hall

The Congressman from the 1st district, Bobby Rush, is holding a town hall.  We want members of his district to RSVP to ensure that he hold it and doesn't back down.  Bobby Rush has been one of our less active Congressmen and we don't want to let him off the hook.  RSVP now if you are in his district. Check out the instructions at the link above.

Jason Rieger