Wednesday, February 15th - Union-Busting, School-Busting, Bond-Busting

Right-to-Work Bills, Again...

The ever remarkable* Steve King of our neighboring Iowa has introduced two bills to undermine unions across the nation. HR785 is a National Right-to-Work Act, which lets employees benefit from union contracts without paying dues. RTW laws weaken unions and lowers wages for workers by an average of 3.2%.  A companion bill, HR744, is the latest iteration of the often introduced Truth in Employment Act, purporting to give employers the right to not hire workers that have previously been affiliated with unions, for fear that they might--gasp--try to unionize other employees. As is their right. Just sayin'. 

Call your Representative and ask that they vote no on HR785 and HR744.  

*"Remarkable" not so much in the sense of being impressed by his character, but in the sense of being regularly and distinctly unimpressed by it.

Illinois School Choice Acts Making a Second Round

There are two school choice bills making another showing in the IL House Education Committee (boo!), and another bill that would give Chicago an elected school board (yay!).

Fill out all three witness slips to make sure we keep our public schools funded and return oversight to a democratically elected board. Details here; more info on the ugliness of school vouchers here

No More Monetary Bond in Illinois!

Rep. Christian Mitchell introduced HB 3421, which would eliminate monetary bonds for defendants. This is a big deal! It means that a non-violent defendant's (in)ability to make bond no longer decide whether they sit in jail for months or years trial--costing them (and us) thousands of dollars, among numerous other awful impacts on their lives. For non-violent offenders, the bill creates the presumption that they can be released and provides pretrial services to ensure they come back for their hearings. Violent offenders can still be detained or monitored with lo-jack. A great summary of this bill and the wildly unjust problems it would solve is here

Call your Illinois representative and ask them to support this bill! 

Melanie Hoekstra