Tuesday, February 14th - The Russians are coming! Plus, No on Puzder, Perry; Yes on Transparency

Out like Flynn

With Flynn resigning, it's time to call Congress to push investigation into Flynn. Call Senators Durbin and Duckworth and your Representative and ask them to call for investigation into the depth of Russian influence on the Trump administration. Senator Durbin is all over this, so let him know you support him. I haven't seen a statement from Senator Duckworth, so call and let her know you want her to speak out on this issue.

Cabinet Confirmations

No on Puzder

I have found one source that indicates that Senator Durbin is a no vote on Puzder for Labor Secretary, but I there's no additional sources so I'm not confident. There's no official statement on any of Senator Durbin's pages or social media.  Generally I would say that there's no real concern that either Senator votes yes on Puzder, but it would be nice to pressure them into a yes/no commitment.  So give both Senators a call and ask them to vote no on Puzder. It's entirely possible that once the offices are open to call that this will be a moot point.

No on Perry

Rick Perry is a woefully under qualified pick for Secretary of Energy.  This is a man who would be in charge of everything from our nuclear arsenal to funding for Fermi National Lab out in Batavia.  We would be going from a nuclear physicist serving as our Secretary of Energy to someone who struggled through Animal Husbandry. It should be a clear no on Perry, but of course we thought that on DeVos. Call and ask both Senators to vote no on Perry.

lllinois Senate Bill Requiring Presidential Candidates Release Tax Returns needs co-sponsors

I know, I know.  Everyone's getting sick of this one.  But yesterday was Lincoln's birthday and so the offices were closed.  We managed to fill up Cullerton's voice mail, but he deserves some live calls as well.  Lets get all the state Senators on board, especially Senate President Cullerton. 

Cullerton: 773.883.0770

If we could get at least 15 co-sponsors that'd show it's a popular bill with some momentum. 

Find your state senator: https://www.illinoispolicy.org/maps/illinois-senate/

Here are the details. Illinois Senator Daniel Biss has put forth a bill (SB982) requiring that any candidate on the Illinois ballot release 5 years of tax returns. We are now one of a dozen or more states filling similar legislation.  This is what our current president has done: require codification of norms that had always been enforced through human decency.  Also, it shows the power of the state and why we are going to fight so hard to take back the states in 2018. Full text of the bill is here.

Let's make sure our state Senators know we support this bill.  If you live in Biss's district, give him a call thanking him and letting him know you support his bill.  If not, call your state senator and let him or her know you support this bill and ask them to throw their support behind it. Let's use our state to fight back against our Washington nightmare.

HB780 - House Bill to require 5 years of Tax Returns

The same bill is up in the house and is currently in committee.  Take a look at the committee members.  If one of them is your state Senator, give them a call and ask them to vote this bill out of committee. 

Jason Rieger