Monday, February 13th - We need co-sponsors

lllinois Senate Bill Requiring Presidential Candidates Release Tax Returns needs co-sponsors

This is another call for co-sponsors for the bill to require any candidates for a Washington office to release 5 years of tax returns.  The bill will go before committee very soon, perhaps as early as tomorrow.  If we could get at least 15 co-sponsors that'd show it's a popular bill with some momentum. 

This is a special call out to John Cullerton constituents.  Lakeview, that's most of you.  Call Cullerton's office and ask him to co-sponsor.  There's just no reason for every state Senator to not get on board.

Cullerton: 773.883.0770

Here are the details. Illinois Senator Daniel Biss has put forth a bill (SB982) requiring that any candidate on the Illinois ballot release 5 years of tax returns. We are now one of a dozen or more states filling similar legislation.  This is what our current president has done: require codification of norms that had always been enforced through human decency.  Also, it shows the power of the state and why we are going to fight so hard to take back the states in 2018. Full text of the bill is here.

Let's make sure our state Senators know we support this bill.  If you live in Biss's district, give him a call thanking him and letting him know you support his bill.  If not, call your state senator and let him or her know you support this bill and ask them to throw their support behind it. Let's use our state to fight back against our Washington nightmare.

Find your state senator:

Ask our senators to vote no on Mnuchin

So many bad cabinet picks out there, but today we are targeting the foreclosure king. We haven't heard anything from our Senators on Steve Mnuchin. This man is a predatory lender and also failed to disclose 100 million dollars in assets.  On the later issue, he claimed he misunderstood the question on the questionnaire. That's not something that gives me great faith in a potential Treasury Secretary.  Call and ask both Durbin and Duckworth to vote no on Steve Mnuchin.

Call to Investigate Michael Flynn

From an article in Politico, just to pick one of many

Top Democrats demanded answers Friday about reports President Donald Trump's top national security aide lied — and may have misled his White House colleagues — about his dealings with Russia.

Seizing on reports that national security adviser Michael Flynn secretly discussed sanctions with Russia's U.S. ambassador in December, Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the House oversight committee, pleaded with Republicans to investigate Flynn. Cummings said he has "grave questions" about Flynn's honesty — and whether other White House officials were aware of those discussions.

We have two representatives on the House Oversight Committee, Robin Kelly of District 2 and Raja Kristnmoorthi in the 8th District. If you are in either of these districts, please call and ask them to pursue investigation into Flynn's secret discussions with Russia. If you are not in their district, but you know anyone in their district, please forward this email along.

Kristnmoorthi: (202) 225-3711

Kelly: (202) 225-0773

Also, if you are not in their district, call your representative and ask them to call for an investigation into Michael Flynn's secret communication with Russia.

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Jason Rieger