Wednesday, February 1st - We see you, Steve Bannon

The supreme court pick came out and it's about what one would expect from this President/Congress combo. They've thrown out Scalia junior, and originalist who's already shown his colors with the Hobby Lobby ruling.  But again, this is the least surprising thing to come out of the White House to date.

Here's the thing, let's not lose focus on the real issues here.  They want to throw up a smoke screen by pushing up this announcement, but we aren't so easily fooled.  Steve Bannon is still being added to the National Security Council and we won't let them deflect from that. 

Bannon must go

Congress doesn't have a whole lot they can do with regards to the Steve Bannon nomination, but they have to all come out condemning it.  Representatives Schakowsky and Quigley have come out against Bannon's appointment, but I haven't found anything from the other Chicago Reps.  Call your Representative and ask if they've released a statement.  If they haven't, find out why and ask them to.

Our Senators have been silent on this issue.  They need to follow the lead of Senator Sanders and demand that Steve Bannon be removed from the National Security Council. 

After you've called, send a tweet at the Senators and your Representative and ask why they haven't joined @SenSanders in condemning Bannon.  Tag @IndivisibleChi in your tweet to let them know we're united against Steve Bannon.

Basically, it sounds like the Muslim Ban smokescreen (again, shocking that something like this can be a smokescreen for anything) is working as our members of Congress have been all over that, but have lost track of the Bannon issue.  We can't let that happen.  We have to call and call and call and if that doesn't work, we will need to visit their offices.  They must speak out against Bannon.

Betsy DeVos

Senator Duckworth has indicated that she will vote not on Betsy Devos.  Let's give her a call thanking her for her no vote.  Senator Durbin has not released a statement regarding DeVos (although he came down hard on Jeff Sessions which was nice to see).  I'm baffled that he hasn't released any statement's regarding DeVos, but maybe he didn't want to muddle his message on Sessions and the two senators are taking turns.  Call Senator Durbin and ask him to vote No on DeVos.  She is unfit on every level to lead our educational system and no Democrat should ever vote yes on an enemy of the public school system.

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Until tomorrow, Resist



Jason Rieger