Wednesday, November 22 - Phone Bank to Fight the #TrumpTaxScam / Help Register Voters on Saturday / What Would You Ask IL Governor Candidates?

Actions You Can Take Today

  • Action 1: Phone Bank At Home or In Person to Fight the #TrumpTaxScam

  • Action 2: Help Register Voters on Small Business Saturday

  • Action 3: Take the Survey - What Would You Ask IL Governor Candidates?

Tools You Can Use

Action 1: Phone Bank at Home or in Person to Fight the #TrumpTaxScam

The Trump Tax Scam is tax cuts for the wealthy paid for by the rest of us. A new analysis from the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation (think the Congressional Budget Office of tax) shows that the bill would mean everyone making less than $75,000 a year would, on average, see a tax INCREASE while corporations get permanent tax cuts. And now as if deep tax cuts to line the pockets of their billionaire donors at the expense of students and seniors weren’t enough, Senate Republicans want to leave 13 million people uninsured and raise your health care premiums, too.

This fight will come down to just a couple of Senators and the time to take action is now. The Senate could vote on a motion to proceed (the pre-vote vote) as soon as Monday, November 27 and bring the bill to a full floor vote as early as Thursday, November 30. This means we have to make a ton of noise between now and when the Senate comes back in session on November 27.

 Indivisible is bringing back a super effective peer-to-peer calling tool from the TrumpCare fight so those from red states, blue states, and purple states alike can take action to stop this bill by reaching out to progressive constituents in three target states: Alaska, Arizona, and West Virginia. The calling tool will connect you to a constituent in a target state and give you a script to emphasize the devastating impact of this bill. Then, you’ll ask them to call their Senator on the spot. This tool will help make the wave of constituent pressure we need to stop this bill once and for all.

 Indivisible is also planning a nationwide Day of Action on Monday, November 27 with phone bank sessions scheduled around the city. We hope you’ll join us!

 Phone bank against the #TrumpTaxScam two ways:

Action 2: Help Register Voters on Small Business Saturday

Want to make a difference in Illinois politics? Join the 47th Ward Dems for a voter registration event on Small Business Saturday! You’ll be helping sign up new voters to make sure Chicagoans are engaged in the important elections coming in 2018, including the primaries in March.

When: Saturday, November 25
Where: Meet at the 47th Dems office at 2234 W. Irving Park
Time: 12:00 p.m - 2:30 p.m.
RSVP for the event here
View the Facebook event

You do NOT have to be a deputy voter registrar to volunteer for this event. Please bring a friend, family member, coworker, etc. and join in on our day of action!

Action 3: Take the Survey - What Would You Ask IL Governor Candidates?

The race for who will represent the Democratic party in the 2018 Governor's race is heating up, and we want our members to have a say in the election. Indivisible Chicago is a name that our gubernatorial candidates respect, and so when our members express concerns, the candidates listen.

They know that you are engaged, will fight for what is right, and most importantly, will vote! So raise your voice and lend us your thoughts on what issues should be most important in this election by taking our survey.

We will use the results of this survey to craft questions that we will ask the candidates on the Indivisible Chicago Podcast. This will put the candidates on record should they make it to the Governor's mansion. This is how we influence our elected officials and this is how we push the party in the direction we want.

We want to hear from YOU! Fill out the survey by Tuesday, November 28.

And don't miss the candidates' answers to your questions -- subscribe today to the Indivisible Chicago Podcast!

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