Friday, November 17 - Fight Voter Suppression MONDAY / Condemn Sinclair-Tribune Merger / Submit a Public Comment to the FCC

Actions You Can Take Today

  • Action 1: Show Up to Fight Voter Suppression MONDAY

  • Action 2: Call on Your MoC to Condemn Sinclair-Tribune Merger

  • Action 3: Submit a Public Comment to the FCC to Condemn the Sinclair-Tribune Merger

Tools You Can Use

  • Action 2: Call on your MoC to condemn the Sinclair-Tribune merger

Action 1: Show Up to Fight Voter Suppression MONDAY

Despite the presentation at this week's hearing demonstrating the egregious security flaws in Crosscheck, Illinois is still planning on sending your personal data (again) to Trump’s sidekick, Kris Kobach in January. Illinois must stop propping up Kris Kobach’s voter suppression scheme and putting your data at risk.

We need your help to end this! As a result of our actions and this week's hearing, the Illinois State Board of Elections has finally added Crosscheck as a discussion topic to their meeting agenda. Join Indivisible Chicago MONDAY as we continue to push the State Board of Elections to #EndCrosscheck.

WHEN: Monday, November 20 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
WHERE (two locations):
Chicago: Thompson Center, Room 2-025 (video-conference)
Springfield: 2329 S. MacArthur Boulevard

RSVP here

Bring yourself, we’ll bring the signs!

Action 2: Call on Your MoC to Condemn Sinclair-Tribune Merger

Sinclair Broadcasting, a right-wing-leaning media company, has been working to acquire Tribune Media in order to expand its reach. Already the nation's largest TV broadcast company, Sinclair's potential merger would extend its reach to a colossal 72% of U.S. households.

The FCC is actively working to make it easier for media companies to consolidate across the U.S. We need our members of Congress to apply pressure to the FCC to stop this merger, which would create a broadcasting giant with 223 TV stations serving 108 markets, including 39 of the top 50.

Senator Maria Cantwell and others, including Senators Durbin and Duckwork, have also raised concerns that FCC chairman Ajit Pai should recuse himself from this decision due to conflicts of interest. Let's make sure they keep speaking out!

Call Senator Duckworth | DC:  202-224-2854 | Chicago 312-886-3506
Call Senator Durbin | DC:  202-224-2152 | Chicago 312-353-4952
Find your House rep’s contact info

Script: Hi, I’m [NAME] from [ZIP CODE]. I’m a member of Indivisible Chicago and I'm calling to express my disapproval that the FCC is trying to clear the way for the Sinclair-Tribune merger, which would create a dangerous monopoly that could reach 72% of American households. I’d like to ask [MoC] to speak out strongly against any FCC approval for the Sinclair-Tribune merger.

[For Senators]: I'd like to thanks Senator [NAME] for signing on to Senator Cantwell's letter asking FCC chairman Pai to recuse himself due to conflicts of interest. Please continue speaking out! Thank you.

Action 3: Submit a Public Comment to the FCC to Condemn the Sinclair-Tribune Merger

There’s one more thing you can do to help fight the Sinclair-Tribune merger: join the legions of Americans who have voiced their concerns to the FCC through a public comment. The FCC will review these comments when making its decision.

To leave a comment, you’ll have to go to this site, click “+ Express,” and then fill out the form it opens up to. Make sure you leave the proceeding number “17-179” in place, as that’s what ties it to the Sinclair proposal. Also, be aware that everything filed is public, so others will be able to see your name and address.

Suggested comments (please edit to make these your own): I strongly oppose the merger of Sinclair Broadcasting and Tribune Media. The merger will expand Sinclair's reach beyond its legal audience cap of 39% to a massive 72% of US households. The FCC should not bend rules or roll back regulations to allow Sinclair to dominate the US airwaves.


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