Friday, October 13 - Tell Congress To Reauthorize CHIP / Share #DreamActNow On Social Media / Show Up to Fight Voter Suppression

Actions You Can Take Today

  • Action 1: Tell Congress to Reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

  • Action 2: Spread the Word About #DreamActNow on Social Media

  • Action 3: Help End Voter Suppression on 10/17

Tools You Can Use

Action 1: Tell Congress to Reauthorize CHIP Immediately

The Children’s Health Insurance Program ensures nearly 9 million children have health insurance. CHIP is a federal-state partnership where the federal government provides most—or in some cases, all—of the funding necessary to cover uninsured children. Federal funding was increased as part of the Affordable Care Act.

No one thought Congress would let CHIP funding expire on September 30, but that’s exactly what they did. Republicans invested so much time and energy in making one last push to pass TrumpCare, that they couldn’t find time to reauthorize a program giving 9 million kids health insurance. Let that sink in.

If Congress doesn’t act soon, states will start running out of money. Some states have already stopped taking new applications for CHIP. Call your members of Congress and demand that they reauthorize this vital program immediately to ensure no child loses their healthcare.

Senator Duckworth | DC:  202-224-2854 | Chicago 312-886-3506
Senator Durbin | DC:  202-224-2152 | Chicago 312-353-4952
Find your House rep’s contact info

Script: Hello! My name is [name] and I’m calling from [zip code]. I’m calling to ask that the [MoC] support reauthorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program immediately. Our state may run out of funding soon, so it’s really important that Congress do this immediately. I appreciate [MoC]’s support.

Action 2: Spread the Word About #DreamActNow on Social Media

DACA recipients have already been waiting too long. We need a clean #DreamActNow. You rallied across the country to protest the Trump Administration’s announcement that they were ending DACA, the Obama-era executive order that provided 760,000 immigrant youth the opportunity to work and earn a living, live out their dreams, and live without the threat of deportation.

We know that Illinois’ Senators already support the Dream Act, but we need Senators and Representatives around the country to feel pressure from their constituents as well. Spread the word so more people in your circles can tell their Member of Congress to take the same brave stand you did to pass a clean #DreamActNow.

Post on Facebook, Twitter or other social media about why you believe we need the #DreamActNow to get the word out, and follow on Facebook and Twitter and amplify their message by liking and sharing their posts.

Action 3: Help End Voter Suppression on Tuesday, October 17

Illinois is currently sending your personal data to Trump’s sidekick, Kris Kobach. Illinois must stop propping up Kris Kobach’s voter suppression scheme.

You’ve heard about the sham Presidential Commission on Election Integrity and their request for voter data, but did you know every year since 2010 Illinois has voluntarily sent your voter registration data plus your partial social security number to the Commission’s leader, Kris Kobach, a white nationalist and paid Breitbart contributor?

We need your help to end this! Join Indivisible Chicago and State Representatives Ann Williams, Will Guzzardi, Jamie Andrade, and Carol Ammons, on Tuesday, October 17th as we tell the State Board of Elections that this is not ok and we must #EndCrosscheck.

It's important that the Board see the overwhelming support that we have for this call and to force them to act before the next data transfer to Crosscheck in January. Crosscheck is a discriminatory system used to purge voters and promote voter suppression laws in our neighboring states. Read our FAQ to learn more.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 17, 2017 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.Z
WHERE (two locations):
Chicago: Thompson Center, Room 2-025
Springfield: 2329 S. MacArthur Boulevard
RSVP here

Bring yourself, we’ll bring the signs!


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