Tuesday, January 31st - No Justice No Bills

No Justice No Bills

The national Indivisible Group is leading an effort to grind Congress to a halt unless the ban on immigrants from Muslim countries is lifted.  They've created a script for us to use that tells our Senators to withhold consent and filibuster any bills unless they involve lifting the ban.  This is extreme but this is what we have to do.  Read the script and make a call to your Senator.  This is the answer to how Senators that already agree with us can fight even harder for us.  There's more they can do than complain. 

After you've called, tweet at them with the hashtag #NoJusticeNoBills.

Trump's Swamp Cabinet

Let's not forget about Trump's Cabinet.  We need to continue to call on the cabinet, demanding No votes.  None of the remaining candidates are qualified and many are just horrible.  We especially should target Betsy DeVos, who our Senators have not promised a no vote on, and Jeff Sessions who helped orchestrate the Refugee Ban. Call and ask for a no vote and remind them that no Democrat should be voting for either of these candidates.

Sanctuary Cities

Representative Quigley has introduced legislation to protect Sanctuary Cities and make it illegal to withhold federal funds to cities that chose to protect all their citizens.  If you are a constituent of Congressman Quigley's, give him a call and thank him and let him know you support his measure. This is how our Congress can protect against these Executive Orders.  This can be done against any Executive Order and hopefully legislation like this will continue to be introduced to supersede Executive Orders.

Jason Rieger