Monday, January 30th - The Ban and the Bannon

There's many issues going on right now, but the two biggest in my mind are the ban on refugees fleeing oppression and attempting to reach our country, and the addition of Bannon to the Security Council at the expense of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Director of Intelligence.

The Ban on Refugees

We've been inundated with news regarding the ban on refugees and immigrants entering the country. Shockingly, this includes those with Green Cards.  It included children and it included a woman with stage 4 cancer.  This ban is unacceptable and I was heartened to see so many people standing on the right side of history at OHare over the weekend.

Many of our Chicago representatives and both Senators have been fighting hard against the ban.  Greg Foster-Rice linked an article in the Chicagoist tracking which members of Congress had spoken on this issue and which had remained silent. So we have two approaches to calls today:

The Silent

Bobby Rush and Danny Davis have remained silent on this issue.  Constituents of these two congressmen need to flood his office with calls asking them to release a strong statement on this issue.  Don't hesitate to ask them why they haven't released a statement yet.  I'd love to hear the answer. Let's apply some pressure.

If we don't get a statement soon, we will organize an office visit.  They can't be allowed to remain silent.

The Vocal

Both Senators Durbin and Duckworth have come out strong in opposition to this ban.  Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky has not only come out against it, but assisted the lawyers.  Mike Quigley has come out against it and Gutierrez has come out very strong and stood with Rahm.  These people deserve calls of praise.  

But part two of this is that we are asking them to not allow any legislation to pass until this ban is lifted.  No bills while the ban stands  We are asking them to filibuster everything as long as this anti-American ban is in place.  More details about this tomorrow.

Tweet at your Senators and Rep #NoJusticNoBills.  This is how we act as an oppositional force.  But call before you tweet.  Calls matter the most!


Steve Bannon has been added to the Security council while the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Director of Intelligence have been demoted.  This will not stand.  We cannot have a member of the alt-right holding a chair at the table making critical security decisions.  Bannon has called himself a "Leninist" who wants to "destroy the state".  This seems like a great step in that direction.

This is terrifying and he have to fight back against this immediately.  Call your Senators and your Representative and ask them to speak out against this appointment. We need to make sure this doesn't get lost in the current refugee ban and coming Supreme Court nomination.

It's going to be a busy week.  As always,



Jason Rieger