Friday, January 27th - Trump's terrible Executive Orders

List of crimes committed by aliens

Donald Trump has declared that he will publish a list of crimes committed by "aliens". I don't think he means ALF (*rimshot*). This is beyond repulsive and will give a false sense of scale to of crimes committed by immigrants.  Using the power of the White House to single out a particular group goes against everything America stands for and everything we believe in.  Even more terrifying is that nothing in his statement specifies that he's talking about illegal aliens.  He words signal that he believes that anyone who wasn't born here is a potential criminal. 

Call your Members of Congress and let them know that this list is wrong.  Ask if they've released a statement on the issue and, if they haven't, to do so.  We know Dick Durbin is a strong advocate for the DREAMers.  This is his fight and he needs our support, so let him know we want him to fight for us.

The stupid wall

As if the wall wasn't a bad enough idea, Trump is now proposing to have Mexico pay for it by imposing a 20% tariff on all good imported from Mexico.  Brilliant Donald.  The only problem is that will just make Mexican businesses hike the price by 20%, passing the cost onto us.  So, effectively, it's a 20% sales tax on the American people on any goods brought in from Mexico.  And that's pretty irritating; guacamole is fucking delicious. 

Of course, the kicker is this is a regressive tax (as all flat taxes are).  So this sales tax will hit the poor and middle class the hardest, the exact constituency that carried Trump to victory.  He's screwing over the very people that got him into office and his assumption is that they will not notice because WALL.

Call your members of Congress and tell them to speak out against this plan.  Let them know that this tariff is mind bogglingly stupid and that the American people aren't fooled. If they haven't released a statement, ask them to do so.  We need to push back against these idiotic executive orders before they get traction. 

As always, make a separate call for each issue.  Insist on giving your zip code for your senator, and for your representative ask to give your name. You can especially engage your representative's office in conversation.  They are there to listen.

Jason Rieger