Thursday, January 26th - Cabinet Nominees, Sanctuary Cities, and Town Halls

Wow, what a day.  I'm not even sure where to go with this. He released so many awful executive actions, it is hard to even know where to start.  Honestly, it was difficult to keep track of the action flowing through.  Luckily Slate compiled them for us. Woof.

Let's focus on a couple things today and try not to get too scattered.

Cabinet Nominees

Call Senators Durbin and Duckworth and get them to commit to voting no on Betsy DeVos and Andrew Puzder.  I'm pretty confident that they are both going to vote no on DeVos, but I can't find a statement confirming that.  And I can't find any statement for either regarding Puzder. Senator Duckworth did lead some questioning of fast food workers to develop opposition pointz against Puzder, so I'd be pretty shocked if she voted for her.  Regardless, call both and ask for a no vote.  Make two separate calls, one for each nominee.

Sanctuary Cities

Trump has promised to withdraw federal funding for sanctuary cities.  Of course, Chicago is a sanctuary city, a fact that makes me proud to live here.  Some mayors have already started pushing back and Rahm needs to get out there and make his own statement.  And even if he does release a statement today, which I suspect he might, we need to send him support and let him know we have his back.  Email Rahm or send him a personal letter at:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel
City of Chicago
121 N LaSalle St
City Hall, 4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60602

Town Hall with Mike Quigley

Finally, I'd like Mike Quigley to hold a town hall regarding Donald Trump's all out assault on the EPA.  Mike Quigley is a huge advocate for the environment, so this is an issue where I'd like him to be a leader.  If you are his constituent, please give him a call and ask him to hold a town hall here in Chicago and talk with us about what we can do about the EPA and Climate Change.

Jason Rieger