White House shutting down We The People petitions

So, my wife had just finished filling out a petition asking the White House to un-gag the EPA. I heard from over across the room, "Huh, did I not sign it? It still says one person has signed it." Then she checked twitter and other people had noticed this.  People are signing the petition to un-gag the EPA, something the current administration clearly disagrees with, and the petition will not increase in count.  So I decided to sign it myself.


Only one person signed, just as others had seen. I signed up


And confirmed my signature by email

And still the count remains at 1. This can be verified by anyone.

This is unacceptable that the White House is silencing the voice of the people.  The President of the United States works for us and his voice should be ours. Spread this and stop the suppression of the people.

Jason Rieger