Wednesday, January 25th - Assault on the EPA

Okay, so things are getting a little out of hand.  Trump has declared an all-out war on the EPA for committing the crime of acknowledging the fact that Climate Change is real and a serious threat to humanity. 

First, he ordered a media blackout for the EPA, requiring scientists to stay off social media and out of the press. When Badlands National Park defied him, they deleted the park's tweet.  Then, the administration but a freeze on all EPA grants.  This is the funding they need to operate. I would imagine this freeze will be lifted once all "undesirable" forms of research have been dropped.  Finally, he removed the Climate Change page from the EPA website. This is some next-level 1984 shit going on here.  

We need to get on our Representatives now.  They need to first release a statement, but after that they need to do something.  I'm just not sure what yet. We will go to their offices and demand that they fight this. This Orwellian bullshit can not go unchecked.

Mike Quigley has been a huge ally of Climate Change advocates. He needs to be the leading this. Call his office and demand a response:

DC: (202) 225-4061

Chicago: (773) 267-5926

If you aren't in Quigley's district, call your own Representative. Jan Schakowsky talks about leading the resistance against Trump, here's her chance.  Ask her to do fight against Trumps assault on Climate Change scientists:

DC: (202) 333-4455

Chicago: (773)506-7100

Or find your rep's number here:

We need to get on this now. The first step is calling.

Jason Rieger