Tuesday, January 24th - Save the ACA

Take Action for ACA

The Affordable Care Act is under threat from congress, who have taken the first steps to repeal by passing a budget reconciliation bill.  This law provides insurance for 20 million people that wouldn't have it otherwise and has lead to the lowest uninsured rate in America in history.  No small portion of that 20 million would be dead without the ACA.

Call Congress:

Call your Representative and ask them to vote against repeal.  Ask them to speak out against repeal.  If you have a personal story related to ACA, share that with your rep.  They will want to listen. Find their number here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

Call Governor Rauner and tell him to advise against repeal and ask him to speak out against hurting his constituents by repealing this law. Call him at: 217-782-0244

Finally, we are looking to gather stories about how the Affordable Care Act has impacted your life.  Maybe you are an artist or self-employed and this law allowed you to finally actually have insurance.  Maybe you have a pre-existing condition and were denied under the previous healthcare system.  Or maybe you or a love one were saved by Obamacare. Whatever your story, email a couple paragraphs to info@indivisibleChicago.com.  It doesn't have to be perfect, just honest. I will compile these stories and we will take them to Mike Quigley and share our stories with his staff personally. I hope to do this before Inauguration, but it will depend on response.

Take ActionJosh B. Fox