Sunday, January 22nd - Oppose Nominations

Call to Oppose Nominations

Tom Price

It was hard to decide which confirmation for today to list first, as they're both so awful.  But sticking with the ACA theme, I went with Price.  Price is a staunch opponent of ACA and, as head of the HHS, would be working to deprive 30 million Americans of health insurance.  That seems antithetical to the purpose of the position. Also, Price may have broken the law, abusing his position of power to influence stocks he had purchased.  From CNN

Schumer also called for an investigation of Price after CNN reported that Price bought up to $15,000 worth of stock in Zimmer Biomet -- a medical device maker -- and then introduced a measure that would have directly benefited the company. One week after Price bought the stock, he put in a measure that would have delayed a new regulation that would have harmed the company.

Actually, seems perfect for a Trump cabinet.  Call Senators Durbin and Duckworth and ask them to closely question Tom Price on what he will do regarding Obamacare and to explain what appears to be insider trading.

Scott Pruitt

Ugh.  This is our pick to head the EPA?  Climate Change is the biggest threat to mankind other than the man who is about to become President.  Pruitt is a climate change denier and someone who has worked very hard to protect businesses from environmental regulation.  This is an absurd choice for head of the EPA and would work to unravel all the hard work President Obama did to protect our environment.  Call Senators Durbin and Duckworth and ask them to call Pruitt out on his anti-environment stance and ask him how it makes any sense that he head the EPA.

One thing to note on calling.  You want one issue with one call. So if you want them to oppose all of these people, make three separate calls.  You don't want the issue getting lumped together and muddled.  Also, always try to reach a live person as voicemails are aggregated.  If you can't reach a live person at one office, try another.

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